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Video Game Store comes to town

Searching for that hard to find video game? The quest may end at a new video game store in New Richmond.

Located at 1043 North Knowles, The Video Game Store specializes in an array of state-of-the-art, as well as "retro" video games and systems.

"We have new and used games to sell from Atari, X-Box 360 and PlayStation 2 to the popular Guitar Hero, Rock Band and DS System games," said Samantha Lovett, who co-owns the store with her mom, Kimberly Lovett.

The store also buys new and used games for cash or store credit. Their inventory includes DVDs, VHS, CDs and Beanie Babies.

"The Beanie Babies are sort of left over from another business," Samantha laughed."My mom used to own an antique and gift shop and the Beanies are from that."

The Video Store also carries a portable PlayStation, which is like an advanced iPod, according to employee Drew Lund.

"The PSP (portable PlayStation) is a great tool for riding in the car with little kids," Samantha said. "The PSP can go on the Internet WiFi and plays movies. It becomes an MP3 player and kids can play games on it. The battery charge lasts for at least two full-length movies."

Another popular item in-stock at The Video Game Store is a variety of card games, such as Magic - The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and Pokeman.

"We order all the new games right away so they will be in stock the day they are released and we compete with Wal-Mart on prices for our new games," Samantha said.

"And we are the only place in town with a good selection of used games," Lund added.

The Video Game Store in New Richmond, which opened May 27, is the mother-daughter team's third video store. They also own stores of the same name in Menomonie and River Falls.

The Menomonie store is the Lovett's original retail outlet for videos and it has been in business for 11 years.

"Our other two stores are doing well and we had been looking to open a store in New Richmond for the past year," Samantha explained.

What draws the team to an area is "if there is a Wal-Mart or some other big store to show growth and if there is a college in the town," Samantha said.

New Richmond was a perfect fit for the duo, although it took them awhile to find a place to set up shop. They are now located in the same building as All Season's Lawn and Sport.

The family-run business is open from noon - 8 p.m. every day except Sunday.

"We may open earlier in the future if that's what works better for our clientele," Samantha said.