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Internet toy business in Somerset plans to expand again

It's not child's play.

The BigBadToyStore, an internet-only business that sells collectible action figure toys located in Somerset, currently has a 12,000 square foot warehouse that they built in 2007. At the time, they also purchased a three-acre lot adjacent to it for future expansion.

Now is the time for "future expansion."

According to Joel Boblit, owner, the expansion will include 5,900 square feet of office space inside the 28,800 they will be adding on.

"Bringing the total space to a 52,800 footprint with a lot of elevated storage and mezzanine space as well," said Boblit.

He said that despite the recession, they have managed to maintain their core customer base.

"Our customers are very passionate about their collections and generally will do whatever they can to continue buying the items they want."

Boblit has to get approval from the Village of Somerset board before construction begins, but he already has plans to expand the business even further.

"We are also happy to announce that we will be opening a retail store that is attached to our warehouse, sometime in mid-2012," he said. "We look forward to serving the local community as well as regional customers who would like to pick up their orders in person."