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Banners installed along Knowles Ave.

The new Knowles Avenue banners are bunched in groups of three. One banner features the city's new logo and the words "New Richmond." The other two banners are green and blue and include the words "Actively Inviting" and "Naturally Authentic."

New Richmond's main traffic corridor now has a new splash of color to greet motorists.

Twenty-four banners have been purchased and installed from Richmond Way on the south to the Highway 65-64 interchange on the north. The banners are the first phase of a project that will include 47 banners all along Knowles.

The banners replace former art banners that have adorned the downtown district for a couple years. The new banners incorporate the city's new logo, which was developed by the volunteer organization "Our Avenue," whose goal is to promote the economic vitality of the community.

According to Lynn Wollenberg, Our Avenue member, the banners help the community present a unified message through the new logo and color coordination.

"We are very pleased with the look of the banners," she said. "Now we feel we just need more of them."

The initial 24 banners were the least expensive phase, totaling about $4,400. The city provided $2,000 for the banners, and private donations covered the rest.

The remaining 23 banners are larger versions of the new banners and they require extra hardware. The cost for completing the remainder of the project is about $10,000.

New Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce Director Russ Korpela said, once the entire project is completed, Knowles Avenue from north to south will all be tied together with a unified look.

"I think it helps bring color to our community," he said.

Kent Rebeck, Our Avenue member and owner of New Richmond Theater, said now that the initial banners are installed, the group is hoping other donors will step up to the plate and help complete the project.

"People are so impressed with and liking the banners," he said. "It's a nice addition. We hope we can now raise the additional $10,000."

Wollenberg said the city has been very supportive throughout the project, noting that elected officials were quick to adopt the new logo and jump on board with the banner project. She also thanked the Street Department for their help in installing the new banners.

"The city's cooperation has been tremendous," Korpela added. "It's nice to see they took Our Avenue's work on the logo seriously."

Any business, organization or individual wishing to donate to the banners can contact Korpela at the chamber office.