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Greatons serves up unique diamonds

Karen Greaton displays one of the Gassan 121 diamonds that she has for sale at Greaton's Designing Jewelers in New Richmond.

For decades, round diamonds have traditionally been cut and polished into 57 facets to afford maximum sparkle.

Today, one major diamond company is bucking tradition to market a new 121-facet round diamond that truly sparkles like a star. Gassan Diamonds in Amsterdam has patented the new cut worldwide and is selling them to diamond lovers everywhere.

Greaton's Designing Jewelers in New Richmond is the first store in the U.S. to offer the Gassan 121 for sale.

Store owner Karen Greaton recently traveled to Turkey to visit a former Rotary Club of New Richmond exchange student, Asil Canakci. On the way home, Greaton and her husband, Bill Gillespie, decided to stop in Amsterdam, diamond capital of the world, to tour various companies.

When Greaton was last in Amsterdam 30 years ago, she came home with several unique naturally-colored diamonds that she put up for sale at her downtown shop.

"Back then, people weren't aware that diamonds came in colors," she recalled.

Greaton wanted to come home with some colored gems on this trip too, but found that Gassan Diamonds had only a few naturally-colored diamonds for sale. The conversation then turned to Gassan's new 121-facet diamond, and Greaton asked to see some.

Greaton said she was immediately sold, as the brilliance of the diamonds was beyond anything she'd seen before.

"They're beautiful," she said. "They just pop."

Even though the diamonds are more expensive than traditional 57-facet models, Greaton said she had to buy several.

After bringing them back to New Richmond, Greaton did some research and found that no one else in the U.S. was offering the special diamonds for sale.

"I called Gassan and asked them who was the closest retailer to have them for sale," she said. "They told me I was the first in America to carry them on a retail level."

Greaton said the 121 facet diamonds have been purchased by people in the U.S., but no store has carried them. The price Greaton is offering them for is the same someone can buy them at Gassan.

"So you can save yourself a trip to Amsterdam," she said with a laugh.