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Famous Lee's Lucky Lures opens in New Richmond

Troy Lee reopened his bait shop in New Richmond after operating the business in St. Croix Falls for a time.

Local anglers looking for quality bait should check out Famous Lee's Lucky Lures in New Richmond.

In 2007 Troy Lee of Star Prairie opened Lee's Lucky Lures in St. Croix Falls, but after being open full-time for a year and a half, he decided to close the store because of the poor economy and high gas prices.

"I thought about it almost every day and reopened it back up here (950 N. Knowles Ave., New Richmond) in April," he said.

In addition to a new location, located across the parking lot from Warner's Dock, Lee decided to add the word "Famous" to the beginning of the business name, per the recommendation of one of his cousins, he said.

Lee said the New Richmond store is about 600-square feet and boasts around 8,000 fishing items, ranging from life jackets and fishing poles to lures, knick-knacks and Troll Perfect trolley motor mounts.

"We don't offer live bait, but we have pretty much everything else that has to do with fishing. And in the fall we will have some hunting products in stock," he said.

Lee said opening the shop has fulfilled one of his childhood dreams.

"I can remember when I was a little kid going into bait stores and always dreaming of having a bait store. When I was 5 I said, 'I'm going to name it Lee's Lucky Lures,'" he said.

Lee said he opened the shop because it's one of his hobbies, not to make money.

"It's just a passion of mine. I'm a tournament bass fisherman and I'm on the water probably 20 hours a week. So, if I'm not working or eating, I'm fishing," he said.

Lee said he's always up for talking about fishing with his customers.

"If they have any questions, need tips or want to know where the fish are biting, I really do enjoy talking about fishing," he said.

Because Lee is busy running a construction company, the bait business is only open the first three days of every month from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and he only accepts local checks and cash.

For more information about Famous Lee's Lucky Lures, call 715-248-7004.