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NDTS moves into hangar space

Non-Destructive Testing Solutions founder and President Jesse Skramstad talks with a tour group during the company's open house event on Thursday, June 28. The company recently moved into a new facility at the New Richmond Regional Airport.

Now that Non-Destructive Testing Solutions Inc.'s business is flying high, it only seems right that they've moved into a new production facility at the New Richmond Regional Airport.

Since launching the company that designs and manufactures testing and inspection equipment for aircraft and space vehicles in 1999, NDTS has seen impressive growth. And even more growth is just around the corner.

NDTS President and founder Jesse Skramstad moved the company into offices in The Creamery building in downtown New Richmond in 2009.

"When we moved in we wondered what we'd ever do with all that space," Skramstad recalled. It didn't take long to outgrow the available room, however, as the company added employees and new product lines. The company now has 15 employees, compared to nine just two years ago.

"We were standing on top of each other," he said. "With the growth pattern we had, we were fast outgrowing The Creamery."

As NDTS began searching for a new location, employee Kevin Hulbert was looking at airplanes online and happened to see a hangar for sale at New Richmond Regional Airport. The facility previously housed Baumann Floats, LLC, a float plane company.

"We found it by accident," Skramstad said. The hangar was the perfect fit.

"We needed a place with expandability," he said, "for the growth we'll see over the next 10 years. We've nearly doubled our space."

The new offices for NDTS are arranged on two floors of the airport hangar. There is space for parts storage, workshops and plenty of room for expansion, Skramstad said. There's even a good sized conference room for meetings and training sessions with clients.

"We want to have a nice atmosphere for our customers and our employees," he said.

Now that they've settled into the expanded and improved space, Skramstad said the company is poised to expand its products and custom services even more.

"We're the last call the customer makes," Skramstad said. "When they call us, they get a complete solution."

NDTS helps create testing systems that use technology like ultrasound, "eddy current" and thermography (infrared) to look deep within parts.

NDTS's reputation for inspection expertise has been growing steadily.

Their high-tech scanners help manufacturers pinpoint problems in the production process that can lead to defects in parts and materials.

The inspections can help avoid problems with parts that are eventually installed in airplanes and space craft. The equipment can also help detect problems with the bonding quality of two parts that are connected together.

NDTS's testing equipment is also used to inspect aerospace vehicles that are already flying. Skramstad said airplanes and space vehicles are required to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that structural and parts failures aren't occurring that could lead to trouble.

Once aerospace manufacturers purchase NDTS systems, the company provides technical support, maintenance and training to clients so they can make full use of the technology.

Skramstad, a native of the Star Prairie area and a Somerset High School graduate, got his start in the inspection process while serving in the Air Force.