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Prism Plastics opens doors to customers

Prism Plastics Inc. held its 13th annual Open House and Customer Appreciation Day on Aug. 10, the New Richmond Chamber of Commerce, employees and their families, and suppliers and customer were all invited.

"We call it our customer, vendor and employee appreciation day," said owner and president Mark Fagerland.

He said he grills the food for the meal the company serves its guests himself.

"It's a lot more work than just having it catered," Fagerland said. "But it makes me feel a little better when I can stand over the hot grill and do the grilling myself."

Fagerland said it is important to him to show not only his employees but everyone he works with the appreciation the company has for their work.

"We wouldn't be where we are without their input as far as the suppliers go and their business as far as the customers go," said Fagerland. "From an employee standpoint, we obviously wouldn't be here at all if we didn't have good quality employees."

Prism Plastics Inc. is an injection molding company, creating products for a variety of companies in a variety of markets. Fagerland said this includes the medical, electronics, and gaming industries.

Fagerland said Prism Plastics manufactures for anyone from large corporations to a single person with one product.

"To me that small guy is just as important as the large corporation," Fagerland said. "You never know when that guy that's got one little project could turn into something big."

Fagerland said the event is also a way to bring not only the business, but the injection molding community together.

"Next Monday we'll all be competitors again," Fagerland said, "but for at least one day, we can all break bread under one roof and have a nice casual atmosphere."

The event includes a tour of the facilities, including Prism Plastics' new injection molding and micro-injection molding press in their clean room.

Fagerland said the tour is not only a way of showing customer appreciation; it is also a way of showing appreciation for employees.

"I try to show my appreciation every week, or every two weeks, when we hand out paychecks," said Fagerland. "But this is one more way of getting everybody that has led to the success of this business under one setting."

Prism Plastics Inc, said Fagerland, tries hard to make sure they stay as involved in the community as possible. This includes hiring workers from St. Croix Industries, which gives jobs to those who are developmentally disabled and or mentally ill. Fagerland said there is one person from St. Croix industries who works with Prism Plastics full-time. There were 30 St. Croix Industries workers present at the Open House and Customer Appreciation Day event.

Fagerland said contributing to the community and staying involved in the community is important to him.

"I look forward to doing this every year."