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Hotel planned near Walmart

A new hotel is coming to New Richmond.

Last week the City of New Richmond reported that they have a signed letter of intent agreement with GrandStay Hospitality LLC that will bring a 40- to 50-unit hotel complex to the community. The expected location for the hotel will be just west of Knowles Avenue and immediately north of West Richmond Way (north of Walmart).

"The City of New Richmond is excited about this opportunity," said Beth Thompson, economic development specialist for the community. "A nationally-recognized hotel brand will provide another hotel option for visitors and businesses to the city of New Richmond."

Founded in 2000, GrandStay Hospitality is headquartered in Saint Augusta, Minn. The company touts 24 locations in six states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Florida and California). Two of the closest locations near New Richmond are Stillwater, Minn. and Eau Claire.

The company operates several different hotel facilities, including hotel and suites locations, longer term residential stay operations and "Crossings" hotels, which provide limited service. The New Richmond facility will be a GrandStay Hotel and Suites.

"We're excited about it," City Administrator Mike Darrow said. "It's a different type of hotel. It will be good to have another option."

While the hotel is big news for the city, Darrow said more announcements about commercial developments could be just around the corner. As the community's "Land Rush" promotion is set to expire at the end of December, developers are scrambling to see if the incentives available (reduced impact fees and sewer access charges) make it a good time to move ahead with plans.

Darrow said several possible commercial projects could materialize near the site of the proposed hotel.

According to the GrandStay website, the facilities feature "complimentary Gourmet Express Breakfast, Bath and Body Works products, Seattle's Best coffee, luxurious white bedding and high-speed Internet."