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Gov. Scott Walker will visit Bosch Packaging Thursday

Gov. Scott Walker's office produced a short video recently about his 'Talk with Walker' visits. The clip is available for viewing on YouTube.

MADISON -- Gov. Scott Walker's office announced early Wednesday afternoon that the Governor will visit Bosch Packaging Technologies, 869 S. Knowles Ave., at 10:45 a.m., Thursday.

Another in a series of what his office terms a "Talk with Walker" event, the governor will visit the production floor to "have a conversation with employees about the future of Wisconsin."

Only credentialed members of the press are allowed to attend. The event is closed to the public.

On Nov. 29th, he hosting a question and answer session for the employees of Torrance Casting Inc. in LaCrosse. Employees passed around a microphone asking Walker pressing questions from health care to water quality.

In a YouTube video Walker's office posted last month to promote the visits, Walker says he's having the conversations to find the "best ways and the best ideas to fix problems and build a better state..."

A link to the video is posted near this story.