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American Idol contestant Reed Grimm gives solid performance on Tuesday

Reed Grimm chose to once again show his vocal and percussion talent during his live performance on Tuesday nights elimination round of American Idol4 / 9
Reed Grimm listens to the judges comments after his live performance on American Idol5 / 9
One thing Reed Grimm knows is how to sing with feeling and animation.6 / 9
Reed Grimm's family arrives in Los Angeles to support their own American Idol contestant Tuesday afternoon, just prior to the show sisters Sophie Grimm, Jennifer Grimm, mom, Colleen Raye and Grimm's aunt Janet Sparkman.7 / 9
Reed Grimm surprised his family Tuesday night, stopping by their hotel room after the conclusion of the first live American Idol show of the season. From the left are his sister Jennifer Grimm, aunt Janet Sparkman, Grimm and his mother, Colleen Raye.8 / 9
Reed Grimm, poses with his family in Los Angeles after a brief visit with them Tuesday night. From the left are Jennifer Grimm, Janet Sparkman, Grimm, Colleen Raye and Sophie Grimm.9 / 9

"American Idol" candidate Reed Grimm was a hit with the judges in his first live performance Tuesday night on Fox.

Typical of Grimm's personality he volunteered to be the first to perform. A native of Ellsworth, he sang a jazzy rendition of "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon Five.

"I'm glad it was you who was bold enough to start off this Season one one," said judge Randy Jackson.

Thirteen semi-final male performers sang Tuesday night and the women get their turn Wednesday night. The top 12 finalists for Idol's 11th season will be announced on the program Thursday night.

"I love your voice you can do anything with it," said judge Steven Tyler. Jennifer Lopez who commented "He is jazzy,he is musical, he has an amazing voice."

Grimm's mother, Colleen Raye, aunt Janet Sparkman and sisters Jennifer and Sophie Grimm were in the audience Tuesday night. They are in the opening scene of the one of the attached videos.

Coming from Minneapolis and Chicago, family members arrived late on Monday and were not able to see Grimm at all during the day Tuesday. In fact the first time they saw him was while he was on stage performing.

Later, long after the performance was done, he surprised them.

"There was a knock on our hotel door and it was Reed," said Raye. "It was surreal. He was really happy to see us."