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Town, Village of Somerset & Somerset Fire Rescue Joint Mtg Minutes 7/24/13

Monday, July 29, 2013 - 11:20pm

Town of Somerset & Village of Somerset
with Somerset Fire/Rescue Commission
Joint Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Call to Order, Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance, Approval of Agenda: Chairman Schachtner called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall. Present were: Jeff Johnson, Greg Sayers, Ryan Sicard, Bob Krueger, Bartt Palmer and Dave Carufel for the Village; Ed Schachtner, Doug Plourde, Larry Rauch and Shane Demulling for the Town; Rita Lawson, Jon Mitchell and Tom Roy for the Fire/ Rescue Commission and Travis Belisle, Brian Duggan and Jason Crotty from the Fire/Rescue Department. Lenny Germain and Bob Campbell were absent. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. No public input. Motion by Johnson, seconded by Plourde to approve the agenda. Motion carried.
Minutes from Previous Joint Meeting: Motion by Johnson second by Demulling to approve the April 24th, 2013 meeting minutes. Motion carried.
Fire/Rescue Financial Report as of June 30, 2013: Motion by Plourde, second by Palmer to approve the Fire/Rescue Financial Report with the change that the one time Verizon bill for $1,317.62 is charged to the equipment account rather than the utilities account. Motion carried.
Town of Star Prairie Mutual Aid Assistance Coverage Area: Plourde explained the calculation worksheet based on population, assessed values, medical and fire runs. Town of Star Prairie has not provided any actual numbers yet and no one was in attendance at the meeting. Plourde presented a calculation based on estimates. Once actual numbers are received from Town of Star Prairie, a contracted coverage fee for services could be calculated. Next month’s agenda item.
Rick Jonk - WI DNR Variance & Request to Create 2 Lots within 1200’ Landfill Well Radius: Jonk was present at the meeting to once again discuss the variance that he received from the WI DNR. Discussion on the Town requiring Jonk to put a note on the CSM marking the well location on the far back corner of each lot, furthest away as possible from the landfill. Town’s attorney has stated the law is clear that this is a state issue, regulated by the WI DNR, who has granted Jonk a variance to the 1200’ well setback from landfill rule. The variance requires additional metals screenings water test and guidelines on well construction and casing. Legal opinion also expressed that the Village & Town’s liability for water quality would be precluded, since the Town & Village do not regulate this matter. Johnson stated it is up to the Town to grant or deny the CSM since it is in the Town’s jurisdiction and the Village has no voting power on the land division. However, the Village & Town jointly own the landfill. Sicard stated the Village is on record of not being in support of the CSMs as they voted on denial at the April 24, 2013 joint meeting. Randell Clark, WI DNR, has sent much correspondence stating the Town cannot be more restrictive than the WI DNR and that local governments did not have the authority to superseded state authority in this subject area. Demulling stated he wanted it on the record that if a well is drilled on Jonk’s lots and other neighboring wells become contaminated, the Town & Village would not be liable as the DNR granted this variance. Schachtner asked Jonk if he was willing to designate the well location in the farthest south edge of the 2 lots, with a line designated on the CSMs as the area where the wells would be drilled. Jonk stated he’d like to go along with what the DNR stated and be allowed to put the wells where the buyer would like them without a line on the map designating an area. Discussion on tracking the variance with the property and enforcing the wells to be located on the designated area on the CSMs especially if the lots aren’t built on right away or have multiple owners. Jonk later stated he’d go along with putting the well location on the map as far back as possible in order to move this along as fast as possible. Demulling asked Jonk if he has had his own well tested. Jonk stated it has been 20 years since his well was tested. Jonk was asked if he’d consider testing his own well and then sharing his well by trenching with the two lots he’d like to create. Several in attendance stated a shared well maintenance agreement can and does work. Jonk did not want to consider that option. Discussion on attaching DNR variance to the deed of the property so that the well requirements and testing is tracked with the property. Jonk was encouraged to have his own well tested with a metals screening. Town Board stated it is up to Jonk if he wants to have a surveyor draw up a CSM and present it to the Town. No action taken.
Purchase of New Fire Truck-Prices/Options: Travis Belisle stated he’s been to both board meetings and the Fire/Rescue Commission with presentations on the purchase of new fire truck and it has been in their long range plan. The 1994 rescue and 1982 engine would be sold and replaced with this new truck, also leaving more room in the fire hall. Both boards acknowledged the need for public safety. Sicard stated at the Village Board meeting they decided on Option #2 from Pierce. Demulling stated he is concerned that there is only one bid or price from Pierce on a fire truck and no other companies have submitted prices/bids. Belisle stated no manufacturer makes the same specs and each one has its differences. Belisle also stated that other companies where asked to submit bids but did not. Demullling stated he is not questioning the specs, he is questioning the fact that only one manufacturer submitted a price. Much discussion. Consensus of both boards that the sale of the 1994 rescue and 1982 engine would distributed to the Village & Town 45% & 55% each for them to put toward the debt or into a capital outlay fund for future purchases. Each board would consider their own financing options and interest rates are reasonable at this time. Belisle stated this new truck should be in service for 30 years. Motion by Johnson, seconded by Sayers to approve the purchase of a Pierce Velocity PUC Rescue Pumper option #2 for $546,247.00 with the condition that Pierce pushes the payment date to January 10, 2014. The order will be placed prior to August 12, 2013. The chassis payment of $317,139.00 would be due January 10, 2014 with the Village’s obligation of 45% at $142,712.55 and the Town’s obligation of 55% at $174,426.45. The delivery of the Pierce Velocity PUC Rescue Pumper is quoted 6.5 to 7.5 months from time of order. The total remaining due at delivery would be $229,108.00 with the Village’s 45% obligation at $103,098.60 and the Town’s 55% obligation at $126,009.40. Roll call vote: Village/Johnson-yes, Palmer-yes, Sayers-yes, Carufel-yes, Krueger-yes, Sicard-yes Town/Plourde-yes, Demulling-yes, Rauch-yes, Schachtner-yes. Germain-absent. Motion carried.
Next Meeting Date: The next joint meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 at the Village Hall, 7 pm. Fire/Rescue Dept. will need to present their 2014 budget for consideration.
Motion by Demulling, second by Plourde to adjourn the joint meeting. The joint meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.
Village Board - Pay Request #1 Laser Drive Project Albrightson Excavating: Johnson stated the 5% retainer off first pay request the amount remaining $148,406.26. Motion by Johnson, second by Palmer to approve Pay Request #1 for Laser Drive Project to Albrightson Excavating. Roll call vote: Palmer-yes, Sayers-yes, Carufel-yes, Sicard-yes, Krueger-yes, Johnson-yes. Motion carried.
Village Board portion of meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Jeri Koester, Town Clerk