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12CV1019 CitiMortgage Inc vs Tony Giese, et al

Friday, August 30, 2013 - 11:20pm

Legal Notice
Case No. 12 CV 1019
TONY GIESE, et al.
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that by virtue of a judgment of foreclosure entered on March 15, 2013 in the amount of $113,350.07 the Sheriff will sell the described premises at public auction as follows:
TIME: September 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM
TERMS: By bidding at the sheriff sale, prospective buyer is consenting to be bound by the following terms: 1.) 10% down in cash or money order at the time of sale; balance due within 10 days of confirmation of sale; failure to pay balance due will result in forfeit of deposit to plaintiff. 2.) Sold "as is" and subject to all legal liens and encumbrances. 3.) Plaintiff opens bidding on the property, either in person or via fax and as recited by the sheriff department in the event that no opening bid is offered, plaintiff retains the right to request the sale be declared as invalid as the sale is fatally defective.
If the sale is set aside for any reason, the Purchaser at the sale shall be entitled only to a return of the deposit paid. The Purchaser shall have no further recourse against the Mortgagor, the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee\'s attorney.
PLACE: at the entrance of the Government Building located at 1101 Carmichael Road, Hudson, Wisconsin
DESCRIPTION: Unit 1-C, together with the undivided interest in the common elements and the exclusive use of the limited common elements appurtenant to said unit in, Cedarwood Condominium, a Condominium created and existing under the Unit Ownership Act of the State of Wisconsin by Declaration recorded on May 15, 1984, as Document No. 393296, and any and all amendments thereto, incorporated herein by this reference is the real estate described in and made subject to said Declaration, which is located in the City of New Richmond, St. Croix County, Wisconsin. ALSO DESCRIBED AS: Unit 1-C of Cedarwood Condominium, being a condominium created under the Condominium Ownership Act of the State of Wisconsin by a Declaration of Condominium for Cedarwood Condominium, dated the 14th day of May, 1984. and recorded the 15th day of May, 1984, in Volume 688 of Records, page 125 through 151, as Document No. 393296 and by a Condominium Plat therefor; Together with all appurtenant rights, title and interests, including (without limitation): a) the undivided percentage interest in all Common Elements as specified for such Unit in the aforementioned Declaration; b) the right to use of the areas and/or facilities, if any, specified in the aforementioned Declaration, as Limited Common Elements for such Unit; and c) membership in the Cedarwood OwnerÂ’s Association, (hereafter the "Owner\'s Association"), an association of unit owners, as provided for the aforementioned Declaration and in any Articles of incorporation and/or Bylaws for such Owner\'s Association.
PROPERTY ADDRESS: 894 East 6th Street Unit 1C, New Richmond, WI 54017
TAX KEY NO.: 261-1219-03-003
Dated this 26th day of July, 2013.
Sara M. Schmeling
Blommer Peterman, S.C.
State Bar No. 1086879
165 Bishops Way, Suite 100
Brookfield, WI 53005
Sheriff John A Shilts
St. Croix County Sheriff
Please go to to obtain the bid for this sale.
Blommer Peterman, S.C. is the creditor\'s attorney and is attempting to collect a debt on its behalf. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.