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Village of Somerset Dec. 17 Board Minutes

Monday, January 27, 2014 - 11:20pm

Regular Meeting of the Village of Somerset
Board of Trustees
December 17, 2013
Village Hall, 110 Spring Street Somerset WI 54025
Clerk Donohoe called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Present: Greg Sayers, Ryan Sicard, Bob Krueger, Bartt Palmer, and Dave Carufel. Absent: Jeffrey Johnson and Bob Campbell. Village Attorney Anders Helquist was present.
Motion by Sicard, second by Krueger to appoint Greg Sayers as President Pro tem and motion carried.
Public Comment: No public comment.
Hwy 35 Resurfacing: Ryan Arnold with Becher Hoppe discussed the 2017 plan to resurface Hwy 35 through the village of Somerset. He explained areas the village may want to expand as part of the project. He informed the board that more information will follow along with updates on the scheduling of the project.
Minutes: Motion by Krueger, second by Carufel to approve the minutes from November 19, 2013 meeting and motion carried.
Committee Reports
PUBLIC WORKS: Project updates: Rob Jones updated the board on TIF projects emphasizing the punch list for Laser Drive. DNR Sanitary Survey: Bob Gunther explained the survey and identified areas of concern that need to be addressed in the near future. Truck Purchase: Motion by Palmer, second by Sicard to table the truck purchase for next month and motion carried. Laser Drive Pay request #5: Motion by Palmer, second by Sicard to approve the AlbrightsonÂ’s pay request #5 in the amount of $15,504.33 for Laser Drive. All members voted yes and motion carried.
PUBLIC SAFETY: Sayers gave the monthly meeting report
FINANCE/PERSONNEL: 2014 Contracts: Motion by Sicard, second by Palmer to approve the Clerk, Treasurer, Public Works Supervisor, and Chief of Police Contracts and motion carried. 2014-15 Police Contract: Sicard explained that the finance committee considered the request by the union to continue the side letter regarding HSA contributions. Sicard said that the HSA payout provision is in the employee handbook and is not needed in the contract. No motion was made because last month the Village Board denied the side letter. 2014 Special Fund Budgets: Motion by Sicard, second by Palmer to approve the special fund budgets. All members voted yes and motion carried.
FIRE/RESCUE: Palmer updated the board on the Fire/Rescue Department activities highlighting the Fire Department open house.
New Business:
Committee Appointments: None.
Library Building Committee: The board members agreed to allow the Library Board to start a committee to explore future building plans for the Library.
Closed session: Motion by Sayers, second by Sicard to convene to closed session as per ss 19.85(1)(g) conferring with legal counsel on Campeau litigation. All members voted yes and motion carried. Motion by Sayers, second by Carufel to reconvene to open meeting and motion carried.
Bills: Motion by Carufel, second by Krueger to approve the village, water and sewer bills in the amount of $215,284.70 and motion carried.
Adjourn: Motion by Palmer, second by Carufel to adjourn and motion carried. Adjournment: 8:25 p.m.
Pamela Donohoe, Clerk