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Town of Star Prairie Feb. 5, 2014 Board Minutes

Monday, February 10, 2014 - 11:20pm

Town of Somerset
Town Board Meeting
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Chairman Schachtner called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. at the Town Hall. Present were Germain, Demulling, Plourde, Rauch and Schachtner. Motion by Plourde, seconded by Rauch to approve the agenda. Motion carried. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Public input - Rita Lawson announced the Library Board has started discussion on either an expansion or finding a new location because it is overcrowded.
Clerk’s & Treasurer’s Report: Motion by Rauch, seconded by Plourde to approve the January 8th meeting minutes. Motion carried. Motion by Demulling, seconded by Germain to approve the January financial report. Motion carried.
Rural Mutual Insurance/Tom Jenkins - Review of Town’s Insurance Policies: Jenkins stated every three years, new photographs of buildings and equipment are required. Facility is 11,500 sq. ft. Motion by Germain, seconded by Rauch to make the following changes to the insurance policy (effective 2/06/14): to increase the building coverage from $875,000 to $1.1 million, lower the tools coverage to $20,000 and add outdoor specified property and towing coverage up to $1,500. Motion carried.
Parks & Rec Committee Report: No meeting.
Building Inspector’s Report: Motion by Rauch, seconded by Plourde to approve the January Building Inspector’s report. Motion carried.
Animal Control Report: Motion by Germain, seconded by Plourde to approve the January Animal Control report. Motion carried.
Fire/Rescue Commission Report: Joint Village/Town/Fire & Rescue Commission meeting was held January 29th with discussion on the trucks and budgets. Plourde read Belisle’s report for January consisting of 35 calls, compared with 32 for January 2013. New fire truck is expected to be delivered mid-April. Motion by Demulling, seconded by Rauch to approve the Fire/ Rescue Commission report. Motion carried.
New Business - Consideration of a Special Meeting with Planning Commission & Town Board to Work on Zoning Map: Town Board & Planning Commission will meet together at the next Planning Commission meeting Feb. 19th. Ellen Denzer and/or Amanda Engesether will be asked to attend for their assistance on zoning map revisions.
Operator’s License for Mark Dvorak: Motion by Germain, seconded by Demulling to approve an Operator’s License for Mark Dvorak. Motion carried.
Consideration of Appointing Doug Plourde or Jeri Koester to Planning Commission: Currently, there is an opening on the Planning Commission due to Julie Hultman’s resignation. Discussion on changing the Planning Commission ordinance to allow for two Town Board members to be appointed. Currently, it states only one Town Board member can serve. Schachtner appointed Koester to the Planning Commission to fill Julie Hultman’s term until 2016.
Planning Commission Report - Consideration of Hiring WWRPC to Update Comprehensive Plan for $15,000: Rauch stated the Commission recommended the hiring of WWRPC after reviewing two proposals. $15,000 was budgeted for 2014. Motion by Demulling, seconded by Plourde to proceed with the hiring of WWRPC to update the Town’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan for $15,000 which includes the survey. Motion carried.
Stormwater / Wastewater Coalition & GMAT/Stillwater Bridge Crossing Update: Stormwater meeting on Feb. 13th; Schachtner will attend. Special GMAT meeting to approve $50,000 funding toward MSA firm at county Feb. 6th; Rauch will attend.
Transportation & Facilities Committee Report: Schachtner reported repairs to equipment are being made, salt/sand supply is adequate, diesel fuel usage has been high, part time drivers are working out well, no major complaints on roads. Town Hall roof needed maintenance due to an ice dam. Discussion on raising roof pitch or spray foaming to prevent reoccurrence. Two keyless entry units have been added to Fire Dept. & shop doors due to push button locks not operating well in the extreme cold. State/ County informed the Town modifications were needed to the TRIP D application so Jon Sontag completed those changes.
Meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.
Jeri Koester, Clerk