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City of New Richmond - Notice: Noxious Weeds/Regulartion of Lawn Length

Monday, June 9, 2014 - 11:20pm

The City of New Richmond requires that residents keep their lawns mowed and weeds under control.
If any owner or occupant shall neglect to destroy any weeds as required by such notice, then the Weed Commissioner of the City shall give five (5) daysÂ’ written notice by mail to the owner or occupant of any lands upon which the weeds shall be growing to the effect that the said Weed Commissioner after the expiration of the five (5) day period will proceed to destroy or cause to be destroyed all such weeds growing upon said lands and that the cost thereof will be assessed as a tax upon the lands upon which such weeds are located under the provisions of Section 66.0407 of the WI Statutes and City Ordinances, Section 90-1 and 90-3.
As provided for in Section 66.0407, WI Statutes, the City shall require that all noxious weeds shall be destroyed prior to the time in which such plants would mature to the bloom or flower state. The growth of noxious weeds in excess of eight (8) inches in height from the ground surface shall be prohibited within the City corporate limits. Noxious weeds shall include any weed, grass, or similar plant growth which, if allowed to pollinate, would cause or produce hay fever in human beings or would cause a skin rash through contact with the skin. Noxious weeds, and regulation of length of lawn and grasses as defined in Section 90-1 and 90-3 of the City ordinances.
If the City cuts the grass and weeds on your property, you will not receive subsequent notices each time the lawn, grass or weeds exceeds eight inches and needs to be mowed. The City will continue to cut or cause to be cut all grass weeds and charge the expenses of doing so until such time you cut the grass and weeds or the growing season is complete
Tanya Reigel, City Clerk