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Town of Somerset July 2, 2014 Board Minutes

Monday, July 7, 2014 - 11:20pm

Town of Somerset
Town Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Chairman Schachtner called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. at the Town Hall. Present were Germain, Demulling, Plourde, Rauch and Schachtner. Motion by Germain, seconded by Rauch to approve the agenda. Motion carried. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. No public input.
Clerk’s & Treasurer’s Report: Motion by Demulling, seconded by Plourde to approve the June 4th meeting minutes. Motion carried. Motion by Plourde, seconded by Rauch to approve the June financial report. Motion carried.
New Business - Appointment of David Mandel as Town Representative to St. Croix Bike & Pedestrian Trails Coalition & Review of Bylaws: St. Croix County is asking for input from the various municipalities. Mandel stated he has been working as the Chairman of the Coalition for the past year. Mandel reiterated the Coalition is an advisory committee only. Bylaws were presented for review without any objections. Plourde commented it is advantageous to have municipalities consolidate rather than many individual groups and committees. Motion by Plourde, seconded by Demulling to appoint David Mandel as the Town’s representative to the St. Croix Bike & Pedestrian Trails Coalition. Motion carried.
Lane Browne - Questions on Lot at 351 Rice Lake Road & Town Requirements on Road Paving: Lane Browne stated he’d like to purchase the vacant lot at 351 Rice Lake Road, which was recorded in 1965. Browne stated county staff has been on the property for an inspection and has concluded, after research, that the property is exempted from road paving due to it being subdivided prior to the 1976 paving requirement for the third lot on the private driveway access. Browne asked if the Town Board concurred with the county’s position of the road not requiring paving upon purchase and construction on the lot. Motion by Germain, seconded by Plourde that the Town would not require paving and it is agreed that this lot is the third lot off the private driveway and not a Town road. The lot was recorded in 1965 prior to Town zoning which would exempt it from the paving requirement. Motion carried.
Parks & Rec Committee Report: No meeting. Twin Springs pay box has been closed due to high water.
Building Inspector’s Report: Motion by Demulling, seconded by Rauch to approve the June Building Inspector’s report as provided. Motion carried.
Animal Control Officer Report: Motion by Plourde, seconded by Rauch to approve the June Animal Control Officer report. Motion carried.
Fire/Rescue Commission Report - New Truck & Sale of Two Old Vehicles: Plourde read the June report from Belisle. 33 calls for the month of June. 175 calls so far in 2014, compared to 179 calls in 2013. Motion by Rauch, seconded by Demulling to approve the Fire/Rescue Commission report. Motion carried.
Old Business: None.
Appoint Dorothy Rivard as Election Inspector: Motion by Demulling, seconded by Plourde to appoint Dorothy Rivard as an election inspector. Motion carried.
Implements of Husbandry Ordinance #2014-02 & Designation of Permitting Authority: Due to Act 377 new state law, several options to operate IOHs on highways as to weight, length and width are in effect. WI Towns Association has provided legal opinion and several options. Transportation & Facilities Committee has recommended approval of the option presented in this ordinance, as well as recommending Schachtner act as the designated permitting authority. Motion by Plourde, seconded by Germain to adopt Ordinance #2014-02 Implements of Husbandry Ordinance and appoint Schachtner as the designated permitting authority for the Town. Motion carried.
Citation Ordinance - Chapter 24 - Recording w/Clerk of Courts, Printing Citation Forms, Approve Letter from Town & Attorney Letter: The Town’s Code of Ordinances includes Chapter 24 for citations. St. Croix County Clerk of Courts has provided details on the process. Since the ordinance is already adopted, the next step is to file it at the county. Citation authority names certain individuals who may write citations for ordinance violations and each person needs an identifying number. Citation forms need to be printed. Upon receiving a citation, the Town would send a letter giving the individual the option of paying the fine prior to going to court. The Town attorney also needs a form letter, outlining the fees and process to the individuals who receive citations. Motion by Plourde, seconded by Demulling to approve filing the Town’s citation ordinance with the county, order the printed citation forms, approve the form letter from the Town and contact the Town’s attorney to have them establish a form letter. Motion carried.
2013 Audit Report: CliftonLarsonAllen has submitted the 2013 audit report which has been distributed to all Town Board members, as well as First National Community Bank of New Richmond.
Planning Commission Report: Rauch reported last meeting was brief. A special meeting will be set up mid to late August for the Planning Commission once UWRF completes tabulation of the community surveys. Discussion on a post card mailing to residents, announcing the survey results are posted on the website and the date of the public informational meetings.
Transportation & Facilities Committee Report-Kitchen Improvements/Consider Plans & Design: The Transportation & Facilities Committee is recommending update of the kitchen facilities. Before prices can be obtained, plans for the improvements must be finalized. Germain will facilitate drawing up of plans and meet with the senior center director to discuss their needs.
Road Projects, Equipment Update: No Municipal Contract on TRIP D grant yet. Crack filling and seal coating have been nearly completed. Milling of major projects will be the week of July 20th with paving to follow later this summer/early fall. Sterling tri axle truck has been in for repairs. IH986 tractor needs new hydraulic pump on the front.
Updates to Clerk/Treasurer & Road Crew Employee Handbooks: Updates to the handbooks to make them more similar and to outline discipline procedures. Motion by Germain, seconded by Demulling to approve the updates to the Clerk/Treasurer & Road Crew Employee Handbooks. Motion carried.
Price Estimate from Schilling Construction on Sill & Threshold Repair at Old Town Hall: While repairing the door, rot was found on the sill and threshold of the Old Town Hall. Schilling Construction advised the additional repairs would be approximately $400-$500. Motion by Plourde, seconded by Rauch to approve Schilling Construction to make additional repairs to the Old Town Hall door sill and threshold. Motion carried.
Announcements & Adjourn: Schachtner stated there is a conflict with the joint meeting at the Village on July 23rd due to WI Towns Association changing their meeting to the same night. Consensus was Demulling, Schachtner, Koester will attend the WTA meeting and Rauch, Germain & Plourde will attend the joint meeting at the Village Hall. Rauch will attend St. Croix Valley Workshop on the Water July 29th.
Meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.
Jeri Koester, Clerk