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Town of Somerset Town Board Minutes - August 6, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014 - 11:20pm

Town of Somerset
Town Board Meeting
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Chairman Schachtner called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. at the Town Hall. Present were Germain, Demulling, Plourde, Rauch and Schachtner. Motion by Germain, seconded by Plourde to approve the agenda. Motion carried. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Public input-Rita Lawson stated the library expansion committee has decided to keep the library at its current location as this would be most cost effective. Lawson said the process of looking at plans and architectural companies is next.
Clerk’s & Treasurer’s Report: Motion by Demulling, seconded by Rauch to approve the July 2nd meeting minutes. Motion carried. Motion by Germain, seconded by Plourde to approve the July financial report. Motion carried.
Parks & Rec Committee Report: No meeting. Germain suggested meeting prior to the Planning Commission meeting. Parnell Prairie Preserve graveled path would be nice from gate to rock.
Building Inspector Report: Motion by Rauch, seconded by Plourde to approve the July Building Inspector’s report. Motion carried.
Animal Control Report: Motion by Rauch, seconded by Plourde to approve the July Animal Control report. Motion carried.
Fire/Rescue Commission Report: Plourde reported on the joint meeting held at the Village. The Village is requesting a one-year review of the Fire Hall Lease. Discussion on the three old trucks parked behind the Town Hall. Town Board consensus was they wanted them sold; advised parking them out in front of the Town Hall. Plourde read the July report from Belisle. 65 calls for the month of July. 240 calls so far in 2014, compared to 232 calls in 2013. Motion by Germain, seconded by Demulling to approve the Fire/Rescue Commission report. Motion carried.
Old Business: None.
New Business - Operator’s License for Deborah LeVasseur: Motion by Rauch, seconded by Germain to approve an Operator’s License for Deborah LeVasseur as presented. Motion carried.
Town Board Comments on Revised Plourde/Mithun Annexation and 61st Jurisdiction: Amended annexation now includes Ruthie Criswell house. Discussion on the jurisdiction of County Road I, 60th St. and 61st St.
Town Board Position on WI DOT Plans for Hwy. 64 Expressway Designation & Conversion Between 150th Ave. & WIS 65 in Regard to Public Hearing Scheduled August 28th at Town of Star Prairie Hall: Demulling has arranged for Senator Sheila Harsdorf to attend a Special Town Board Meeting on Tuesday, August 12 at 2:30 pm at Somerset Town Hall. Agendas have been sent to the Towns of Star Prairie and Richmond as well as William Raleigh Jr. Demulling to contact school district and bus company. WI DOT’s four alternatives will be reviewed with the Town’s position on the best alternative. Hopefully all parties can work together and stress to WI DOT the best alternative plan for the area.
Planning Commission Report: Rauch reported last meeting was brief. Special PC Meeting set for Monday, August 18th, 6:30 pm to go over tabulation of the community surveys. Discussion on a post card mailing to residents, posting the survey results to the website and the date of the public informational meetings. Rauch reported the Workshop on the Water meeting was very informative.
Transportation & Facilities Committee Report - Kitchen Improvements: Design plans have been obtained. Discussion on obtaining estimates for the project. Consensus was to wait until after budget workday to see if the remodeling project is feasible. Senior center has been informed they would need to be closed approximately three weeks in January.
Mailboxes in Road Right-of-Way: Road crew has identified three mailboxes that are a threat to public safety. WSS 86.04 requires the Town to send an Order for Removal within 30 days. If not removed, the Town can do the work and bill it back to the property owner. Motion by Demulling, seconded by Germain to send Orders of Removal to property owners at 1672-85th Street, 1626-70th Street and 891-174th Avenue. Motion carried. Discussion and consensus to send a letter to the property owner at 2147-60th Street also with an Order for Removal of the decorative rock in the road right of way. The resident has been sent previous requests and has not complied.
AMZ Blacktop at End of 1768-85th St.: Resident informed Schachtner that the very end of his driveway where the Town paved a stub in during the 85th St. project is peeling. Transportation & Facilities Committee approved AMZ to be applied to correct the issue.
TRIP D Grant: Municipal Agreement from state has been received. Engineering does not have to be bid. G & S Land Solutions in conjunction with Jewell Engineering will be doing the engineering.
Road Projects, Equipment Update: Major road projects on track to be paved mid to late September. More AMZ to be applied. Seal coating and crack filling are complete. 2001 Sterling was in for more electrical repairs. IH986 tractor needed a new steering pump.
Pine Trees 6 @ 8’ for East Town Hall Property: Motion by Germain, seconded by Demulling to approve the purchase of the six 8’ pine trees from Groepper Tree Farm at $900.00, which includes a one year warranty. Motion carried.
Announcements & Adjourn: Aug. 12th, Primary Election, 7 am-8 pm, Aug. 12th, Special Meeting at Town Hall w/Senator Harsdorf at 2:30 pm, Aug. 18th Planning Commission Special Meeting at 6:30 pm, Aug. 20th Planning Commission & Parks meeting at 6:30/7:00 pm, Aug. 28th WI DOT Public Hearing on Hwy. 64 Expressway Conversion at Town of Star Prairie Hall at 5:30 pm.
Meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.
Jeri Koester, Clerk