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TOWN OF SOMERSET: 12/6/17 Town Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 11:23pm

Town of Somerset
Town Board Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, December 6, 2017
(Not official until approved at next meeting.)
Chairman Schachtner called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. Present were Rauch, Germain, Demulling, Plourde and Schachtner. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Motion by Demulling, seconded by Plourde to approve the agenda. Motion carried. Schachtner announced the meeting was being recorded.
Public Input: Kim Dunleap representing Rivers & Roads in collaboration with Bridging Somerset spoke on the strategic planning process. Listening sessions have been held. Data is being collected for a report. Dunleap stated she was here to invite the Town Board to participate in a listening session with the Village Board. A potential date would be at the next joint meeting Wednesday, January 24. Rita Lawson spoke on the fundraising for the Somerset Library expansion project. Garry Fay inquired about soccer and the programs and opportunities for children. Fay is working on a community soccer program for Sunday afternoons and the summer program.
Clerk's Report: Motion by Rauch, seconded by Plourde to approve the November 1st & 15th meeting minutes. Motion carried.
Treasurer's Report: Motion by Plourde, seconded by Demulling to approve the November Financial report. Motion carried.
Building Inspector's Report: Motion by Demulling, seconded by Rauch to approve the Building Inspector's report. Motion carried.
Animal Control Officer Report: Motion by Germain, seconded by Rauch to approve the Animal Control Officer's report. Motion carried.
Fire/Rescue Commission Report: Plourde read Belisle's report consisting of 35 calls for service in November. Total calls for this year are 325 compared to 341 for the same time last year. SCBAs have been put into service. Motion by Rauch, seconded by Demulling to approve the Fire/Rescue Commission report. Motion carried.
Parks, Rec & Planning Commission Report-2 Lot CSM/Ogden Engineering for Hubert & Brenda Daniel at 487-184th Avenue: Motion by Demulling, seconded by Rauch to approve the 2 Lot CSM for Hubert & Brenda Daniel as presented. Motion carried. Park fees have been paid.
Old Business: None.
New Business - Presentation by Chuck Schwartz & Dave Wierzba from MSA on Engineering Services: Chuck Schwartz introduced himself and Dave Wierzba and gave a presentation on the municipal engineering services MSA provides, serving western WI and the greater MN area. MSA has worked with many area municipalities and is currently working with St. Croix County on their comprehensive ordinance update. Engineering, architects, surveyors, planners, licensed drone operators, stormwater/wetland delineation are all on staff to assist with any needs. No charge to attend meetings, phone calls, emails or text messages. Discussion on Master Professional Services Agreement. Rauch stated Hwy. 64 Coalition has been working with MSA for quite some time and have been very satisfied with their services. Discussion on Developer's Agreements and the need for a Town engineer. Schwartz left a draft Master Professional Services Agreement for the Town's consideration.
Appointment of Election Inspectors for 2 Year Term and Set Hourly Rate of Pay: Motion by Plourde, seconded by Rauch to appoint Renee Rivard (Chief), Deborah Wolf (Alt. Chief), Gary Hanson (First Choice Nominee of St. Croix Co. Republican Party) Myrna Plourde, Janet Mondry, William Lawson, Rita Lawson, Cleo Wenzel, Carol Reebers, Wendy Demulling, Renee Carufel, Dorothy Rivard, Audrey Wittig, Opal Haase, Marsha Anderson, Marin Hansch and Donna Belisle as Election Inspectors for a 2-year term beginning January 1, 2018 and set the hourly rate of pay at $15.00/hour. Motion carried.
Animal Humane Society/Letter of Understanding for 2018 (Change in Town Fees Collection): Discussion on the Town fee and how to proceed with collecting the fee for impounded animals that get reclaimed. Motion by Germain, seconded by Demulling to approve the Letter of Understanding for 2018 with the Animal Humane Society. Motion carried.
Transportation & Facilities Committee-40th Street Project and Acquisition of Right-of-Way from Herb Horton: Horton was invited to attend the December meetings but emailed that he could not attend. Plourde suggested obtaining an estimated cost from the attorney and an appraisal firm. An estimated cost will be obtained for next month's agenda.
Announcements & Adjourn: Special Primary Election for Senate, District 10-Tuesday, December 19, 7 am – 8 pm
Motion by Plourde, seconded by Rauch to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.
Jeri Koester, Clerk
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