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SOMERSET SCHOOL DISTRICT: 11/20/17 School Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 - 11:22pm

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2017 | 7:00 P.M.
Board President, Nancy Dressel, called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.
All present stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll call was taken. Present were Brian Moulton, Katie Thurmes, Marie Colbeth, Nancy Dressel, Bob Gunther and Patty Schachtner. Absent was Courtney Kurkowski. Also present was Dr. Mark Bezek and student representatives, Hunter Young and Emma Kielsa.
Dressel stated the District Mission and Strategies. She reminded the board of the agreed upon protocol.
Schachtner moved with a second by Gunther to approve the agenda as presented. Motion passed unanimously.
Superintendent's Report:
Bezek shared that interviews for the OCR complaint took place today. He also shared that the School Report Cards will be released tomorrow and presentations will be given at the Dec. 4th Work Session. Bezek shared that there is a group of paraprofessionals that have not signed their Letter of Assignments due to not having a current contract. He shared details of the what possible next steps may be. Gunther asked how their appointment is valid if they have not signed their LOA. Bezek said the District has operated on "good faith" continuing contracts. Colbeth asked if there is a deadline on when they have to sign. Bezek said there is not a deadline. Bezek shared that there is a budget adjustment due to an insurance claim on cosmetic damage due to hail. He shared further information and discussion will be available at the December Work Session. Bezek shared the District will make a third attempt at a grant for a Fab Lab. He also shared that he will be meeting with the bus drivers to share the Strategic Plan with them. Bezek shared that he has received Bob Gunther's resignation and that tonight will be his last meeting. He reviewed the procedures for filling the vacancy. Dressel asked the Board if Monday, Dec. 11th or Monday, Dec. 18th would be options for interviews. Bezek thanked Gunther for his service to the Board. Dressel acknowledged Gunther's time on the Board and his leadership. Colbeth shared similar sentiments.
Financial Reports:
No discussion from the Board.
School Board Member Reports:
Colbeth shared updates from CESA 11. Colbeth asked if employees are aware of school loan forgiveness. She also shared that CESA is facilitating training substitutes. Colbeth also shared that all board members are required to file an exemption from filing campaign finance report. She also shared that some schools are hiring their own mental health therapist.
Schachtner shared a community education advisory committee will be meeting annually. The catalog is in the works and partnerships with local businesses. The hope is to have the catalog out by mid-January.
Thurmes shared the second employee council meeting will take place a week from tomorrow.
Dressel shared that the Memorial Scholarship meeting. She shared that students have had the opportunity to work on the essay questions in their ELA classes.
Dressel shared that, if board members supported, she will act at as the WASB delegate.
Catherine Cranston (Somerset Public Library) shared information regarding the proposed expansion of the Somerset Public Library.
Student Representative Report:
Hunter Young and Emma Kielsa shared that this past weekend's performances of Fiddler on the Roof were successful for the cast. They also shared details of a recent CIS field trip to the U of M. Kielsa talked about Wednesday "Genius Hour" where students can spend time doing enrichment courses such as ACT prep, robotics, etc. Kielsa also shared information regarding the Veteran's Day presentation. Young spoke of the school store, the Colosseum. Young spoke of the entrepreneurship field trip to the Wired Robin, opened and owned by a Somerset graduate. Additionally, they attended a Wild game at the Xcel Energy Center where they met with executives for the Xcel Energy Center and the MN Wild. Kielsa spoke of the weekly character ed that takes place weekly during homeroom. Information regarding Community Mentoring, NHS Tutoring, WITC Career Fair, Polar Daze, and Winter Sports were shared.
Open Forum:
No one came forward.
Educational Delivery and Learner Connectedness:
No discussion from the Board.
Services and Facilities:
Thurmes moved with a second by Colbeth to approve 0100 - Definitions policy as presented. Motion passed unanimously.
Colbeth moved with a second by Thurmes to approve policy 0167.3 -Public Participation at Meetings as presented. "Work session" was added to paragraph 3. Motion passed unanimously.
Moulton moved with a second by Schachtner to approve policy 1460 - Physical Examination as presented. Thurmes asked if Bezek has followed up on the clarification on the legalities for drug testing, etc. Moulton and Schachtner modified their motions for further discussion at the December Work Session. Motion passed unanimously.
Thurmes moved with a second by Moulton to approve policy 7540.01 - Technology Privacy as presented. Dressel shared that the Board technology use policy to align with this policy. Additionally, language was modified to read "District" rather than Board in some areas. Motion passed unanimously.
Bezek introduced Wold Architects and explained its alignment with the Strategic Plan. Vaugn Dierks presented information about Wold Architects and their process including referendum and processes. Bezek shared that further discussion regarding next steps is on the December Work Session analysis.
Community Engagement and Collaboration:
No discussion from the Board.
Seek, Cultivate and Develop Leaders :
Thurmes moved with a second by Schachtner to approve the 2017-2019 Board of Education Goal as presented. Motion passed unanimously.
Consent Agenda
Schachtner moved, with second by Moulton to approve the consent agenda as presented. Colbeth asked about the middle school basketball coaching (same coach for both seasons). It was shared that the seasons do not overlap. Additionally Colbeth shared that she feels that less is more in the minutes. Motion passed unanimously.
1. Approve the Minutes of the Regular Session of October 23, 2017
2. Approve the Minutes of the Work Session of November 6, 2017
3. Approve the Personnel Update
4. Approve the September/October Board Bills
5. Approve the Donation of Chemistry Materials
6. Approve the 2017-2018 Winter Coaching/Advising Roster
General Information:
Schachtner shared that the Lakeview Foundation raised $150,000 at their recent fundraiser for mental health resources. She also shared that "Top Secret Project" is coming to Somerset. Schachtner also shared that the AP Art students worked on a project to create artwork for the Medical Examiner's office in the room where families meet with staff.
Dressel and Bezek shared that information about a December District social event will be coming.
Thurmes moved, with second by Colbeth to adjourn at 8:31 p.m. Motion passes unanimously.
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