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Star Prairie Minutes

Thursday, May 21, 2009 - 2:41pm





The annual meeting of the Town of Star Prairie was held April 14, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall. All Board members were present along with the Clerk and Treasurer. The meeting was called to order by Rivard at 7:15 P.M. Clerk read the minutes of the previous annual meeting. There were no questions or corrections. Rivard reported an update on the landfill our projected cost ($20,000.00 thru 2010) for the testing (gas being extracted). Jerry Backes made a motion to approve the minutes as published and read, Jim Klemsrude seconded the motion. Motion carried. The annual report was discussed - A question was brought up on what was included in the Maintenance for highway expense. This included salt; grading of roads; shouldering of roads, etc. Motion was made by Mike Burke and seconded by Jeff Peplau to approve the financial/annual report. Motion carried. Vote of Hands: 13 in favor and 0 opposed. Emergency Borrowing power - Motion was made to approve the emergency borrowing power to be set at $50,000.00 by Kathy Rivard and seconded by Mike Burke. Motion carried. Vote of hands: 13 in favor and 0 opposed. Gopher Tails - Rivard read from a letter written by Kathleen Mlynarczyk requesting to "see the price of $3.00/tail to be reduced and rolled back to $2.00/tail effective May 2009 until next year's Annual Meeting". After discussion Klemsrude made a motion to keep the gopher bounty at $3.00/tail this was seconded by Ralph Mondor. Motion carried. Vote of hands: 13 in Favor and 0 opposed. First Responders - Laura Morgan spoke on behalf of the First Responders. The money that was donated last year went towards 4 radios; 4 pagers and other needed equipment. Laura reported that last year there were 190 calls they responded to and 106 were in the Town of Star Prairie. They are in need of more radios and the cost of training this year will cost around $1500.00. The board discussed purchasing a defibrillator to keep at the town hall. Mike Burke put a motion out to approve $1,000.00 and to leave it up to the board if they want to donate more with a limit of $3,000.00. Rivard made a motion to donate $3,000.00 to the First Responders and Campeau seconded this motion. Motion carried. Plowing senior citizens driveways - Rivard read a letter from Kathleen Mlynarczyk which stated "I feel we should not take this duty and costs on as a town." Rivard read a letter from Lyle Lehner which thanked the town for plowing his driveway because at his age he is no longer able to do this himself. It was discussed not to plow unless 4" or more of snow and that there should be a criteria for those that should have their driveways plowed. Jerry Backes made a motion to discontinue plowing unless on an emergency basis situation and Jim Kjellberg seconded this motion. Vote of hands: 6 in Favor and 7 opposed. Ralph Mondor made a motion to send a letter to all the residents that are on the list for plowing and have them fill out a form to see if they are qualified and this will leave it to the board's discretion. This was seconded by Kathy Rivard. Vote of hands: 10 in favor and 0 opposed. Motion carried. Ralph Mondor made a motion to adjourn. Vote of hands: 13 in favor and 0 opposed. Motion carried. Felicia Germain, Clerk