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St. Croix Co. Board/Supervisors 4/21

Thursday, June 4, 2009 - 4:19pm


Regular Meeting April 21, 2009 Invocation given by Father Guy Usher of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Hudson, Wisconsin. Pledge of Allegiance recited. Meeting called to order by Chair Rebholz at 9:00 a.m. ROLL CALL: 29 present; absent and excused: Supr. Marzolf and Supr. Luckey. ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR REPORT by Chuck Whiting. CONSENT AGENDA:Motion by Supr. Ruetz, 2nd by Supr. Schrank to adopt the consent agenda approving the March 16, 2009 County Board proceedings; setting the next County Board meeting for May 19, 2009 and the goal review session for April 24, 2009; approving mileage and per diem for March 2009 in the amount of $7,839.17. Carried unanimously. PRESENTATION: Recognition of Girl's State Hockey Champion St. Croix Valley Fusion and local municipal officials for years of service. APPOINTMENTS: Motion by Supr. Wentz, 2nd by Supr. Grant to appoint Deb Rasmussen, Leon Berenschot and Dr. Lisa Ramsey for a three-year term each to the Health and Human Services Board. Carried unanimously. Motion by Supr. Malick, 2nd by Supr. Schrank to approve the re-appointment of Supr. D. Peterson and Jerry McAllister for a three-year term to the Board of Adjustment. Carried unanimously. OLD AND NEW BUSINESS 1. St. Croix County Economic Development Corporation Report by Executive Director Bill Rubin. 2. West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission - Regional Business Fund 2008 Annual Report by Business Development Specialist Char Gurney. 3. Ordinance #784(2009) Creating Revised Supervisory District Boundaries Based on Electors' Petition and Referendum. Motion by Supr. King, 2nd by Supr. Standafer to approve. Roll call vote: Yes-18; No-11. Carried. 4. Resolution #10(2009) Approving Farmland Preservation Program Applications. Motion by Supr. Ruetz, 2nd by Supr. Raebel to approve. Carried unanimously. 5. Resolution #11(2009) Amending Rules and By-Laws of the Board of Supervisors of St. Croix County regarding Publishing Proceedings. Motion by Supr. King, 2nd by Supr. Wentz to approve. Carried unanimously. 6. Resolution #12(2009) Establishing the Process to Fill the Vacancy in the Office of County Treasurer. Motion by Supr. Standafer, 2nd by Supr. Norton-Bauman to approve. Motion by Supr. Malick, 2nd by Supr. Norton-Bauman to insert May 8, 2009 as the date by which all applications or letters of interest be submitted; and complete the last paragraph in the resolution where the members of the panels determined by the County Board be appointed by the County Board Chair. Whiting noted the ad is published with a deadline of May 5th for submissions. Suprs. Malick and Norton-Bauman agreed to change the date to May 5, 2009. Amendment carried unanimously. Roll call vote to approve the resolution as amended: Yes-24; No-3. Carried. 7. Preview of April 24 County Board Goals and Objectives. 8. Tour of Aging and Disability Resource Center-Government Center. Committee and Department Reports by Register of Deeds Beth Pabst, Land & Water Conservation and Parks Director Bob Heise, Health and Human Services - Behavioral Health Coordinator Ron Kiesler, Family & Children's Coordinator Kathy Dunlap and Youth Community Support Services by Dunlap and Kiesler. County Clerk's Report of Correspondence and Rezoning Requests. Meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m. Roger Rebholz, Chair Cindy Campbell, County Clerk PROCEEDINGS OF THE ST. CROIX COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Goal Review April 24, 2009 Meeting called to order by Chair Rebholz at 8:30 a.m. ROLL CALL:26 present; absent and excused: Suprs. Raebel, Luckey, Tommerdahl, Peavey, Horne, Demulling. Department Heads Present: Sheriff Dennis Hillstead, Merlin Blaisdell, Bob Heise, Dave Fodroczi, John Shilts, Tim Ramberg, Fred Johnson, Casey Swetlik, Art Tobin, Chuck Whiting, Pete Kling, Cheryl Slind, Beth Pabst, Katy Kapaun, Jack Colvard, Michelle Pietrick, Tom Boron, Brad Beckman, Lori Meyer, Kristi Severson, Tammy Funk, Cathy Halverson, Greg Timmerman, and Cindy Campbell. OLD AND NEW BUSINESS 1. Update County Situational Analysis-Finance Director Michelle Pietricka. Financial Status report by Pietrickb. Comprehensive Planning Public Opinion Survey Report, 2008 - Plan Results report by Planning and Zoning Director Dave Fodroczi. 2. Update on 2008 Strategic Initiatives review by UW-Extension Resource Agent Pete Kling. 3. Discussion of Committee Structure and Organization under a 19 Member Board reviewed and discussed. Meeting adjourned at 12:39 p.m. Roger Rebholz, Chair Cindy Campbell, County Clerk CERTIFICATE OF CLERK STATE OF WISCONSIN } COUNTY OF ST. CROIX } I, Cindy Campbell, St. Croix County Clerk, do hereby certify the foregoing is a true, correct and complete record of the transactions of the St. Croix County Board of Supervisors' meeting held on April 21, 2009. Resolutions, ordinances, reports and minutes are filed in the County Clerk's Office. Dated April 22, 2009 in Hudson, St. Croix County, Wisconsin. Cindy Campbell, St. Croix County Clerk