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City of New Richmond Ordinance 408

Thursday, July 23, 2009 - 9:52am

ordinance #408


The following section shall be added as follows:

Sec. 121-144 P-1 Public Properties District.

(a) Purpose.

(1). The P-1 Public Properties District is established to allow for public use of certain areas, such as schools, churches, governmental uses, health care, universities, colleges or other public areas. Development shall be limited to those projects which meet the regulations of this district and which also shall be in accordance with, and promote, the purposes set forth in the arena of public service plan(s).

(2). These districts may include such areas as are publicly owned, controlled and areas as are owned, controlled, used or proposed to be used by the city, other public body, or legally recognized place of worship/church.

(b) Permitted uses.

(1). Municipal uses, city owned and operated.

(2). Churches and all affiliated uses.

(3). Signs for municipal and public utility use.

(4). Schools, universities, colleges, athletic fields, golf courses, and related educational or recreational facilities.

(c) Conditional Uses.

(1). Public utility and public service uses.

(2). Boat landings and boat docks for public use.

(3). Other public buildings, lands, grounds, and uses, including public housing facilities. Those uses not falling within the defined parameters shall be allowed only upon a case by case review for conformity and permitted with a conditional use.

(d) Procedure. The procedure for zoning to a public properties district shall be the same as required for other zoning district as covered in Sec. 121-79 Initiation and 121-80 Procedures.

(e) General Provisions.

(1). The plan commission shall consider the proposed public property's use from a point of view as to achieve a maximum of coordination between the proposed use and the surrounding uses. To these ends the plan commission and the common council shall consider the location of the District, the location of the buildings, design of building, parking areas and other features with respect to the topography of the area and existing features such as streams and large trees; the efficiency, adequacy and safety of the proposed layout of streets and driveways; the adequacy and location of green areas required, the adequacy, location, and screening of required parking areas; if the project can be planned and developed to harmonize with any existing or proposed development in the area surrounding the project site, and such other matters as the plan commission and common council may find to have a material bearing upon the stated standards and objectives of the public properties district and regulations.

(2). Lot Area, Lot Width, Side Yard, Rear Yard, Front Yard, Lot Coverage and Building Height Requirements. In the public properties district, the requirements for lot area, lot width, side yard, rear yard, front yard, lot coverage and building height shall be consistent with basic planning and zoning principals and designed to encourage and promote improved environmental design. Such requirements as are made a part of an approved site plan in accordance with the standards provided herein, shall be construed to be and enforced in accordance with this section. In no case shall any setbacks be less than that of a property in the C-1 District. The parking density shall be as covered in Sec. 121-346 Off-street parking. The C-1 District or Commercial Zone use shall also guide the regulation of Section 50-87 covering Loud and unnecessary noise prohibited.

(3). Character and Intensity of Land Use. In a public properties district, the uses proposed, and their intensity and arrangement on the site, shall be of an aesthetic and operational character which:

a. Would be compatible with the physical nature of the site;

b. Would produce an attractive environment of sustained aesthetic and environmental desirability; and

c. Would not create a traffic problem or parking demand incompatible with the existing or proposed facilities to serve it.

All additions and alterations requiring building permits shall comply with site plan requirements as covered in Sec. 121-34.

(4). Standards for Streets and Utilities. The width of street right-of-way, width and location of street or other paving, outdoor lighting, location of sewer and water lines, provisions for storm water drainage or other similar consideration shall be adequate to serve their purposes and the standards and objectives of the public properties district. In no case shall such standards be less than those necessary to insure the public safety and welfare as determined by this code of ordinances.

(5). Location of district shall be adjacent to a road of sufficient classification to accommodate anticipated traffic demands as determined by the City Engineer.

(6). Screening Requirements. When property for non-residential uses or structures in a public properties district abuts residential property or a residentially zoned district, screening may be required to form an opaque or partially opaque screen which visually separates the different uses as shall be determined in the site review process as covered in Ord. Sec. 121-34.

This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon passage and publication as provided by law.

Passed and approved: July 13, 2009

Published and effective: July 23, 2009

David Schnitzler, Mayor

ATTEST: Joseph Bjelland, City Clerk/Treasurer