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Somerset School District - April 22 Special Session Minutes

Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 12:00am




MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2013 - 7:00 PM


Board President Brian Moulton called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Roll Call was taken. Present were Marie Colbeth, Mike Connor, Bob Gunther, Brian Moulton, Kelly Ott, Tom Walters and Tammie Wishard. Also present were Superintendent Randy Rosburg, Trish Sheridan, Ryan Sicard, Lorri Baillargeon, Nancy Dressel, Jen Grambort and Dave Gerberding.

Connor moved, with second by Colbeth, to approve the agenda. Motion carried unanimously.


Presentations by Technology Consultants on Proposals to Review the District's Instructional Technology Infrastructure and Architecture: Three IT Consultants presented their proposals to the Board for review. The presentations consisted of 15 minutes to present their proposal followed by 5-10 minutes of questions and answers. After the last presentation the board was given time to consider the approval of one of the vendors for this service to the Somerset School District.

St Croix Solutions: Barry Bates presented for St. Croix Solutions. The proposal provided Somerset School District with insight on whether the current systems in place are reasonable and appropriate for the current and future needs of the district. The review and assessment will address the infrastructure/system readiness as the district addresses the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction IT initiatives and the 21st Century Technology Literacy needs, considering demographics of the district, strategic direction, goals, needs, and available budget. Bates stated the work product would take approximately five to six business days to complete. St. Croix Solutions will use a multi-disciplined approach to develop the work product. The Services for delivery of this project will not exceed $9,360.

Wipfli: Don Emery and Michael Pynch presented for Wipfli. It was explained that the purpose of this engagement is to assist the Somerset School District in performing an information technology assessment. Wipfli's focus is on improving the district's effectiveness and efficiency through high-quality, innovative technology solutions and advice. The work plan and deliverables that were proposed for the project are 1) Project Kick-Off and Ongoing Management 2) Technical/Infrastructure Review 3) Discussions and Feedback 4) Prepare the Information Technology Assessment Report. The estimated cost provided by Wipfli is between $6,000.00 - 8,000.00. The actual costs could go above or below this estimate as the estimates is being provided bases on the information Wipfli now has.

Elert & Associates: Tony Chojnowski presented for Elert and Associates. The purpose of Elert and Associates is to provide the benefits of master planning, schematic design and implementation services without adding the expense of a full time staff. Elert and Associates primary client base is made up of educational entities located throughout the United States. The cost to conduct the IT review will be $6,000.00. Should the cost exceed that amount, Elert and Associates would meet with the district to negotiate a fee that is acceptable to both the school district and Elert and Associates.


Approve a Vendor to provide a Review of the District's Instructional Technology Infrastructure and Architecture. Approval of the hire of a vendor, pending positive reference checks to be completed by Superintendent Rosburg, as well as having provided a quality proposal and supporting documentation with a cost effective fee be brought forward for approval at the May 6, Board of Education meeting.


Policy DIBA General Fund Balance (1st Reading) Lisa Voisin of R. W. Baird recommended the BOE update Policy DIBA General Fund Balance regarding a percentage of funds to include as a balance. The policy before the BOE tonight reflects this update. This policy is before the BOE tonight as a 1st reading. A 2nd reading is scheduled to occur on Monday, May 6 on committee meeting night at a Special Session meeting of the BOE. This timeline of discussion and approval of a policy update would then be in keeping with BOE policy for this process and completed prior to the Moody rating review meeting. Recommendation that the BOE move the draft policy on to a May 6 Special Session of the BOE for approval.

Gunther moved, with second by Walters, to adjourn at 8:25 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.

Brian Moulton, President

Marie Colbeth, Clerk