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New Richmond, Wis., man charged with kidnapping two women in Afton

Army ID prompts muggers to thank victim, return items

Even criminals know enough to thank veterans for whatever freedom they have.

In Milwaukee, a 21-year-old Army reservist was mugged early Tuesday -- but when one of the four robbers saw the Army ID in his wallet, they returned everything but his keys and let him go.

The reservist is a student at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and was walking home from work about 1:15 a.m. when the four men jumped out from between two houses and started working him over.

But when they learned he was a soldier, he told the Associated Press that one of the robbers actually thanked him for his service and apologized, and the group leader gave him a fist bump as they parted ways.

The wallet had $16.

Police said the victim's story was credible. They said the four robbers also mugged two other people around that time. They're still on the loose.