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Fun Fest finishes strong

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news New Richmond, 54017

New Richmond Wisconsin 127 South Knowles Avenue 54017

This year's Fun Fest was the best of them all - at least that's what Russ Korpela thinks.

Korpela, director of the New Richmond Chamber of Commerce, said from a logistical & operations standpoint, this year's Fun Fest ran the smoothest.


The festival, which was held July 7-10 saw decent crowds, he said.

"I talked with the carnival operator and the wristband days were very well received,"

he said. "He had really nice crowds all weekend long."

In terms of the rest of the festival, Korpela said Friday was a little slower than usual but that was balanced by a really strong Thursday night.

Although it's less than 24 hours since the end of the festival, plans are already rolling for the 2012 event.

"We're already working on the 2012 version - thinking about different suggestions from people about bands," he said. "We met with our parade captain and we're already getting ready at the first of the school year here to begin the process of recruiting more marching bands so we're excited about the parade for 2012."

Korpela credits the many volunteers, sponsors and attendees with Fun Fest's success.

"We had a great Fun Fest and we hope that everyone else did too," he said.


The results of the New Richmond Fire Department's water fight this last weekend are as follows: New Richmond, first place; Roberts/Warren, second place; and Prescott, third place.

Other teams that attended were the West Concord FD, United Fire FD, Deer Park FD, Amery FD, Somerset FD, Barron FD, Garfield FD and Milltown FD.

The kid's event preceded the main event, local children had a chance to experience how the firefighters compete in a water battle. The kids were also awarded coupons from McDonald's, Berger King, Subway and Dairy Queen.