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Kittens abandoned on vet's doorstep
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New Richmond, 54017
New Richmond Wisconsin 127 South Knowles Avenue 54017

When Lynn Munson arrived at work Friday morning, there was a package waiting outside the door.

Problem was, the contents had nothing to do with the approaching Christmas holidays. Inside were a mother cat and her 10 young kittens. Another cat in the box was dead and wrapped in a blanket.


"I was afraid when I found the box, because I thought they were all dead," said Munson, practice manager at Countryside

Veterinary Clinic in New Richmond. "I didn't see any movement."

Much to her delight, when the box was opened she found all but one alive. Inside were nine female and one male kittens, along with their mom.

"They were so scared," Munson said. "They'd been abandoned and didn't know what to do ... poor little things." The good thing is that they weren't thrown into a ditch somewhere."

As a result of the morning package, Countryside Veterinary was unexpectedly busy on Friday checking the cats over for any problems. The three- to four-month-old cats were each given their first distemper vaccination and tested for feline leukemia.

Munson said the office workers then began the task of trying to find homes for the cats. They called a number of their regular clients to see if there was anyone interested in providing a home for a kitten or two. One farmer indicated he might be interested in some of the female cats.

"We're not a humane society, so we can't just take pets," she said, adding the staff will do its best to find homes for the cats.

Pets are periodically abandoned on the veterinary clinic's doorstep, Munson admitted. In some cases, cats have been dropped inside the clinic's dog fence to get rid of them. Another was left outside with an opened can of tuna.

"We can't be a dumping off site for these pets," she said. "However, we can't turn our backs on them either."

For more information about the cats or possibly adding a pet to your family, call 246-5606