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Letter: 'Have to have' just doesn't cut it

To the Editor:

We have to have! We have to have! We have to have!

The battle cry of the Somerset School Beggars! Now we "have to have" a fitness center.

It is supposedly supported and promoted by Somerset community members, businesses and school district employees, but they intentionally did not mention the taxpayers who, in the long run will get stuck with all the bills.

To add insult to injury, the school administration has the audacity to insult our intelligence by believing we the taxpayers are too stupid to see through their whitewash scheme by saying and implying that there would be no expense to the taxpayer. The funding is projected to come from donations from individuals, businesses and corporations. They may be able to beg or weasel enough money to get it built, but the $700,000 to build it is only a drop in the bucket compared to what it will cost the taxpayers to support and maintain it in the years to come. And speaking of stupidity, if anyone is stupid enough to believe that the taxpayers won't get stuck in the long run, you still must believe in Santa Claus!

And folks this is not the end, we will be getting a double whammy out of all their irresponsible and extravagant spending. When the contracts for our school administrators, athletic director, etc. come up for renewal, guess who will be sitting in the front row popping their buttons, with their hands out and saying: "Look what we did!"

I'm sorry folks, but we will have to change our school motto-again, from: 54 and let's get more to: 54 and let's get a hell of a lot more!

Bert Krueger