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Letter: Mary McDermott made a difference

To the Editor:

Losing a treasure can have far reaching consequences. An enormous treasure was lost on May 2 when Mary (Mickey) McDermott passed from this Earth just as she reached her 96th birthday.

We all suffer a huge set back when a person of this stature, this experience, this history, exits from this world. Ask the students she taught in that one room school house west of New Richmond for 10 years back in the early days. Or even more impressive, the Special Education kids who worshiped her.

For some 30 years she impacted an endless number of them and to quote her, "I just loved the daylights out of them."

That feeling was returned over a period of 50 years by former students who just would not let her go, (including Terry Peterson of Hudson who would bike from Hudson to New Richmond to honor her birthday.)

To change and improve the lives of those less fortunate, is a legacy that cannot be matched or even described. If only every child today was lucky enough to have an aunt or uncle of Mickey's role model stature, oh how their lives would be permanently changed.

Just ask any of the many nephews and nieces that adored her and they would all agree how strongly they were drawn to her. As were the priests and members of the Immaculate Conception Church where Mickey had such long and lasting ties.

But my own personal and lasting memories will always be her love of her Irish heritage, her humor, her insight and the wonderful stories that only she could tell, about the early days of New Richmond and the wonderful characters that inhabited this hometown way back to the 20s.

Many, many folks are going to miss you Mickey...More than you will ever know.

Michael J. Murray

New Richmond