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Letter: St. Anne's School has much to offer

To the Editor:

We have one child currently attending St. Anne's Catholic School and we feel completely blessed to have that opportunity -- so blessed, that I wanted to share the St. Anne's opportunity with others.

Our child has benefited greatly from the smaller class sizes. The average class size at St. Anne's is 15 students.

This is a great advantage because the teachers really have a handle on each child's academic abilities. They are able to tweak the curriculum to each child's level.

One example would be the Guided Reading Program that our child has used in kindergarten and first grade. The program being used has won a number of educational awards for its innovation in reading instruction.

The program teaches guided reading, phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, reading fluency, alphabet and vocabulary; however, the child is able to move along in the program based on his/her abilities. St. Anne's has a strong curriculum in each of the subjects; this is just one example.

Every Wednesday morning, the teachers and students celebrate mass with one of the priests. Each grade has the opportunity to prepare the mass, which means they actively take part in the readings, the music and the bringing up of the gifts. The children really learn to be good servants of Jesus with this experience.

In the older grades, the students have the opportunity to go visit the capital in Madison, take an Audubon trip, and go to Washington, D.C. as part of their social studies and science curriculums.

Hopefully you have a glimpse at what a wonderful experience this school has to offer from an academic and spiritual standpoint.

Please know there is a tuition assistance program and scholarships available if you are interested in sending your child to St. Anne's but cannot afford the entire tuition.

Rachel McGurran