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New Richmond: Community Development Authority


Public Hearing Notice

Community development authority of the city of new richmond, Wisconsin

Notice is hereby given that the Community Development Authority of the City of New Richmond, Wisconsin (the "Authority") will hold a public hearing on July 10, 2008, at 8:30 A.M. at the New Richmond Civic Center, 156 East First Street, New Richmond, Wisconsin 54017, pursuant to the requirements of Section 147(f) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.


The public hearing will be held to consider the issuance by the Authority of its revenue bonds in one or more series in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $1,500,000 (the "Bonds") on behalf of Pit Hog Properties II, LLC. The proceeds of the Bonds will be used for the following purposes: (a) to finance certain costs related to the construction of an addition to, and the expansion and improvement of, the facility located at 1750 Madison Avenue in the City of New Richmond (the "City") and related improvements thereon and the acquisition and installation of equipment for such facility and addition (the "Project") to be operated in connection with the business of manufacturing dredge products and related manufacturing and service activities; (b) to finance certain interest on the Bonds; and (c) to pay certain expenses incurred in connection with the issuance of the Bonds. The Project will be owned by Pit Hog Properties II, LLC and leased to and operated by Liquid Waste Technology, LLC and is located at 1750 Madison Avenue, New Richmond, Wisconsin.

The bonds, if issued, will not constitute an indebtedness of the Authority or the City within the meaning of any Wisconsin constitutional provision or statutory limitation and will not constitute or give rise to a pecuniary liability of the Authority or the City or a charge against the Authority's or the City's general credit or the City's taxing powers.

At the public hearing, all persons will be afforded a reasonable opportunity to express their views on the proposed issuance of the Bonds described in this notice and the location and nature of the proposed Project.

At or prior to the public hearing written comments may be delivered to the attention of the Secretary of the Authority at the Civic Center, 156 East First Street, New Richmond, Wisconsin 54017.

Community Development Authority of the

City of New Richmond, Wisconsin

/s/ Robert Barbian, Secretary