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Our View: Be the reason someone else is thankful

This time of year, everyone — from young schoolchildren to our most senior citizens — begins to take stock of what they are thankful for.

Whether it’s the company of family and friends, another year of good health, the football game, or even just food on a table before us on the fourth Thursday of November, we all will have something to be thankful for that day

And for the last 15 years, Ronda Bierbrauer has made sure of it.

Along with her team of volunteers, Bierbrauer ensures everyone in the New Richmond community has a warm meal on Thanksgiving by putting on the Immaculate Conception Church’s annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner.

If it weren’t for Bierbrauer taking over the organization duties for the annual meal more than a decade ago, it may not even exist today.

“No one else was coming forward to take charge and I feared that no one would which would mean the end of the dinner,” Bierbrauer said. “I couldn’t let that happen so that is why I stepped up and took over.”

We are thankful she did!

This year, Bierbrauer plans to feed about 400 people. Perhaps up to half of them will visit the church to eat. Others will have their food delivered to them by a volunteer driver. Many of those who have meals delivered are elderly people who have trouble getting around and may not have anyone to keep them company on the holiday. That’s where a volunteer can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Even though you’ll likely have family commitments of your own on Thanksgiving, and even though the Packers will be playing an important game against the Lions, consider carving out a slice of time this turkey day, and becoming the reason someone else is thankful.

Micheal Foley
Micheal Foley worked at RiverTown Multimedia from July 2013 to June 2015 as editor at the New Richmond News. 
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