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Minnesota man charged in St. Croix River-side stabbing death


Plea deal scrapped for Minnesota teen accused of Burnett County bank robbery

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A plea deal was scrapped Thursday for a former Minnesota high school basketball player accused of helping rob a bank in northwest Wisconsin.


His attorney said Anthony DiLoreto, 18, was expected to enter a deferred guilty plea to a bank robbery charge.

He would have pleaded guilty to pair of misdemeanors, do local jail time and escape a felony conviction. But the bank manager insisted on a felony rap.

According to defense lawyer Eric Nelson, it's why the deal was scrapped.

Nelson said a new plea bargain is in the works but he wouldn't give the details. DiLoreto is now due back in court Feb. 6.

Authorities said he waited in a car while Melvin Fletcher, 16, of Hopkins, Minn., robbed the Bremer Bank in Danbury in Burnett County last August.

But DiLoreto reportedly got scared, and he drove home, leaving Fletcher in Danbury. Fletcher was arrested while walking just outside of town.

He's charged as an adult and he has a plea hearing set for Jan. 20.