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St. Croix Central Student Council members stand next to the boxes of food brought in by the Packers vs. Vikings food drive organized by the student council. Pictured (from left) are Ashlyn Mettler-Hatalla (student council member), Robyn Pfeifer (student council vice president) and Michael Sauer (student council president).

SCC Middle School food drive theme echoes sports rivalry

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St. Croix Central Middle School was filled with students in green and purple gear on Friday, Nov. 30 and not just because of the Packer-Viking game on Sunday. The students showed their support for their favorite of the two teams by bringing non-perishable items for the foods shelf to school. The twist, said SCCMS student council President Michael Sauer, is that the food drive was also a competition between Packers and Vikings fans.


"At a student council meeting, we were talking about the Packer and Viking game and someone came up with the idea," Sauer said.

The Packer fans brought in approximately 11 cases of food, according to student council advisor Kat Brossmer.

The Vikings fans filled a table with approximately three or four cases of food, Brossmer said.

There was also a box for donations from students who supported teams other than the Packers or Vikings.

As the Packer fans collected more food than the Vikings fans, the student council declared them the winners. The Packer fans won bragging rights, but the food pantry won 487 pounds of food.

The SCCMS student council's next fundraising project will be a coin drive for Holiday Angels. Brossmer said the student council hopes to beat their previous record of $1,400.

"It's a very service-oriented group of kids," Brossmer said. "This group are really exceptional leaders and we have a fun time together doing projects."