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Second Ox Cart medallion clue released

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life New Richmond, 54017

New Richmond Wisconsin 127 South Knowles Avenue 54017

(Due to a production error, this week's Ox Cart Days clue did not appear in this week's New Richmond News. Following is the clues so far.)


The annual medallion hunt leading up to Star Prairie’s Ox Cart Days celebration is now underway.

Below are the first two clues.

The medallion is on village property. Hunters will not need to destroy or deface anything to locate the medallion. The medallion will tell you who to contact if you find it.

Clues are posted in the New Richmond News weekly and on the website as well. Prize is $100 and must be claimed by 4 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 18.

@sub:Clue #1

@t:Calling all people, young and old,

It’s time to embark on another search,

The Ox Cart Days medallion hunt has officially begun,

Seek your prize in the village proper

What you’re searching for will not be copper.

@sub:Clue # 2

@t:Wander to your left

It won’t take much heft,

Keep along the fence

You don’t need much defense.