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New Richmond girl, 14, charged with attempted homicide

Town of Star Prairie 06-02-09 Minutes

Thursday, June 18, 2009 - 3:25pm




The Board of Review was called to order by Doug Rivard at 7:00 P.M. on 6/2/2009 located at the New Town Hall, 2118 Cook Drive, Somerset, WI 54025. Present were Doug Rivard; Steve Lewis; Scott Counter; Allen Campeau; Richard King and Felicia Germain. Due to the assessment roll not being complete the Board of Review was adjourned to June 24, 2009. The Open Book will be held on June 8, 2009 from 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. and the Board of Review will be held on June 24, 2009 from 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. at the Town Hall located at 2118 Cook Drive, Somerset, WI 54025. Lewis made a motion to adjourn the Board of Review and Counter seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The Regular Board meeting was called to order at 7:20 P.M. all members were present including Greg Adams (town engineer) and Tim Scott (town attorney).

Agenda - was approved as published and circulated by Lewis and seconded by Counter. Motion carried.

May Minutes - were approved as published and circulated by Campeau and seconded by Lewis. Motion carried.

Treasurer's report - was approved by Counter and seconded by Campeau. Motion carried.

Building permits - for May were read by Rivard. The permit report read: one shed; one alteration; one pool and one deck. Campeau made a motion to approve the building permits as read for the month of May, Flandrick seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Construction on 80th Street - Rivard advised the board that the construction on 80th will start June 15th. The culvert on the county line will be put in the same time they are working on the construction of 80th Street.

Leon Orr's Minor Subdivision (TBD) - This is located at NE corner of intersection of Cty. Rd. C and 220th Ave. Plan Commission recommendations: 1. A storm water management plan be developed documenting no additional storm water will be allowed off site caused from the development of the proposed lots to protect both Leon and assure the west neighbors of no impact. 2. Review of findings of St. Croix County. 3. Two access points for driveways onto 220th Ave. be placed on the document. The first - access between lots 3 & 4 to have a near joint drive at adjoining property line. The second- between lots 1 & 2 there is a future street access easement off 66 foot mapped. Access would be granted down this ROW to 220th Ave. with a permanent easement granted until such time a town road is developed in this ROW. All maintenance of this access would be the responsibility of the lot owner of lots 1 & 2. At the time this ROW is developed to a Town road, lots 1 & 2 would be addressed form the new Town road. The board had some questions in regards to the driveways and the CSM did not have the driveways stubbed in. The developer or surveyor was not present to answer their questions. Rivard made a motion to table the approval for Leon Orr's minor subdivision and Flandrick seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Town Plan - Counter advised the board that the public hearing will be some time late September or early October. Counter also mentioned that if the board has any changes they want done to the Town plan they will need to submit them by August 10, 2009. Rivard made a motion to approve the dates (time frame) as stated above, Lewis seconded the motion. Motion carried. Tim Scott suggested that they put an implementation together to prioritize what is most important to enforce. Greg Adams advised the board that most have a 5 year plan in back of their town plan.

Approval of Letter of Agreement for Network Task Force - This task force will review all relevant information related to the Friday Memorial Library and make recommendations to the Gov't. Entity Network regarding the three issues: 1. Establish a Regional/joint New Richmond Area Community Library. 2. Address the 100% vs. 71% Township/Village User Fee. 3. Review possibilities for relocating the Friday Memorial Library. Rivard asked Campeau to represent the Town on the task force and he accepted. Counter made a motion and Lewis seconded the motion to sign the letter of agreement addressing the conditions as listed in the agreement. Roll call vote passed for signing the letter 5 to 0. Motion carried.

Approval of class B - Liquor Licenses & Class B - Beer Licenses - Approval for licenses was made by Counter and seconded by Lewis for; Alice, Inc.; Cedar Creek Inn, Inc.; JJ-Enterprises, Inc.; James A. Meister, Inc.; Langmire, Inc.; St. Croix Valley Sports Club, Inc.; Cedar Lake Speedway Rest., Inc.; Track Motor Sports, LLC. Motion carried.

Approval of Mobile Home Park Licenses - was made by Lewis and seconded by counter for: Thomas Otteson (Wall Street Village Park) and Raymond & Charles Nutzmann (Huntington Mobile Park). Motion carried.

Approval of Tubing License - was made by Campeau and seconded by Lewis for: St. Croix Valley Sports Club, Inc. Motion carried.

Approval of establishments dropping off tubers - was made by Lewis and seconded by Flandrick for: Apple River Hide-A-Way and Float-Rite Park. Motion carried.

Projection Screen - Rivard made a motion to approve purchasing the projector screen for the town hall at the cost of $642.40 and Lewis seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Complaint letter - was received from a resident near Tabletop Motor Cross. Complained about the noise level of the concert that was held there and was upset that they are trying to be approved for a liquor license. Rivard will be talking to Tabletop in regards to the complaint mentioned above and that they are not to use the driveway that Cedar Lake Speedway had blocked off. The board will also talk to them about the number of concerts they are having and the location of their sign advertising the concerts.

Larson's Cattle Pass - Rivard will meet with Tim and see what other solution can be done to fix the cattle pass. It was suggested that Mondor and Nutzmann both put in a bid for this.

A motion was made by Lewis, seconded by Flandrick to pay the bills and adjourn. Motion carried.

Felicia Germain, Clerk