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UW Regents say they'll keep a closer eye on IT projects

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New Richmond, 54017

New Richmond Wisconsin 127 South Knowles Avenue 54017

Members of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents say they'll keep a closer eye on the university's computer projects.

That's after the board went five years without learning about ongoing problems with a $28 million payroll consolidation program.


The program was scrapped last year before it could ever get started, and only then did get the regents get the full story.

A UW audit said the regents got sporadic information about various computer issues but there's been no pattern in the type of data provided or when it goes out.

Administrators say a major overhaul of the board's oversight is not necessary. Universities in Arizona and Illinois require board approval for all high-tech projects costing more than $0.5 million.

However, Wisconsin auditors say the requirement would cause project delays, bigger employee workloads and higher costs, and it would not guarantee better results.