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Five Hammond residents agree to jump out of plane

(From left) Kayla Boyd, Kristy Olson, Paulette Anderson, Don Fowell and Glen Rasmussen plan to jump out of airplane in July if they can raise $3,000 toward paying off Foster Hall’s land contract. (Submitted photo)

Would you jump out of a plane if it was for a good cause?

Five people who love Hammond and the Hammond Arts Alliance will jump out of a plane this summer if they raise $3,000 toward paying off the HAA’s land contract.

HAA Treasurer Paulette Anderson, Kristy Olson (Anderson’s friend), Kayla Boyd (St. Croix Central High School senior and Olson’s daughter), Don Fowell (owner of the Hammond Hotel) and Glen Rasmussen (owner of Ras’ on Main) will take the plunge from a plane if they raise the money by July. Their plan is to jump mid-July, Anderson said.

“The anonymous couple who bought Foster Hall are skydivers and they suggested it and I thought ‘why not?’ And the rest is history,” Anderson said.

An anonymous couple bought Foster Hall for $25,000 last year and sold it to the HAA on a land contract. The HAA has five years to pay off the loan.

The fundraiser, posted on HAA’s blog at, began collecting money online Dec. 14. So far the money thermometer on the page reads $420.

Fowell said it was an easy decision to say yes to Anderson.

“Paulette does so much for our community, I couldn’t say no,” Fowell said. “All of us need to support local activities and businesses. Our little towns are for the most part bedroom communities, so many residents don’t know what’s available to them. The HAA is one of those groups that many people don’t know about. I just want to help create awareness of the organization.”

Fowell said he has jumped out of a plane once a few years ago, but he’s still a little nervous.

Anderson thought it would be a unique and different way to raise funds and bring publicity to the HAA.

“I am not nervous albeit I have never done it before,” Anderson said. “I figure it’s a tandem jump and when it comes to the time to do it I will have no choice but to enjoy it.”

Boyd said participating in the skydiving fundraiser will be fun and is a chance to experience a fun challenge with her mom.

“I feel raising money for the HAA is a worthy cause because if I can help the HAA purchase a permanent home, then I feel that I did something great for the community to enjoy,” Boyd said.

Olson said she is jumping from the plane because Anderson asked her to.

“She is a good friend and I’m happy to help,” Olson said. “I’m looking forward to jumping with my daughter and my good friends.”

Olson admitted she’s nervous, but won’t think about it until she’s on the plane.

The HAA is one of the reasons Olson likes living in Hammond. She enjoys the art shows and the annual Running of the Llamas.

“I love telling people I live in Hammond where we have an art gallery and race llamas down Main Street,” Olson said.

Rasmussen said the HAA owns the building next to him.

“Paulette has always been very kind to me,” Rasmussen said.

He said the HAA does a lot of things for the community, so he wants to help them.

“There are lots of things to do in the world for entertainment, but the arts are intriguing and fascinating, so I thought ‘why not?’” Rasmussen said.

To donate to the plane jumpers’ cause, visit their blog page at, and click on the PayPal link, mail a check to HAA at PO Box 202, Hammond, WI 54015, or email Paulette Anderson for more information at

Upcoming HAA show

The HAA will host “DOG SHOW,” a themed exhibit at Foster Hall, 865 Davis, St. in Hammond on Saturday, Jan. 11 from  5 to 9 p.m. and Sunday, Jan 12 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The artists include Heidi Freier, Jeanne Friedell, Marylee A Schmahl, Marsha Voss, Nancy Lindseth Rudisill, Jazilynn Gaiger, Sue Cranaston, Gary Peterson, Sarah Rykor, Erin McKee, Madeline Reese, Catherine Swanson and Don Fowell.

There will be music by Timbre Creek at the Hammond Hotel  from 8 to 11 p.m. on Jan. 11.Timbre Creek is an Irish, folk, rock and bluegrass flavored 
acoustic duo featuring Patrick Cutler and Dale Martell.

For more info contact Anderson at or 715-796-8869.

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