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Oktoberfest rolls out a barrel of fun

Friday night's weather left a little bit to be desired, but New Richmond's third annual Oktoberfest went off without a hitch anyway over the weekend.

Polkas, brats and German beer were served up under the big top in Glover Park on Friday and Saturday evening.

The festivities even included some big name entertainment, as comedians Louie Anderson and Scott Hansen performed two shows at the Old Gem Theater.

The third annual New Richmond Oktoberfest isn't held in October due to German tradition.

In 1810, during the dark days of beer drinking before refrigerators, beer would never be brewed in the summer months. The batches would never turn out too good. The last batches were usually made in March.

Traditionally there would be a big fest starting on the last Saturday in September until the first Sunday in October. The purpose was to drink up the old stocks of beer to make room for the new brew that would be made after harvest. The tradition goes back to the 15th and 16th centuries.