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Enjoy an a-maze-ing experience in Roberts

It's not an activity for those who are GPS-dependent.

For anyone who eschews asking for directions and relishes the challenge of finding their own way, there is a perfect place to spend a couple of hours (or an entire afternoon).

The Country Store and Event Farms located at 638 Hwy 65 (just south of the I-94 exit) in Roberts offers three cornfield mazes totaling just less than five miles.

Adults pay $10, youth ages 6-15 pay $8 and children younger than 5 are free - cash only. Each person gets a wristband and a postcard-sized maze that is a replica of the cornfield. The maze on the card depicts the paths by the lines, rather than the paths being in-between the lines as on standard printed mazes. A good piece of advice is to bring a pen or highlighter to trace your route on the card before starting off.

After a hike uphill to get to the cornfields, participants have a choice of three mazes: the alphabet, giraffe or world.

The first maze is three-tenths of a mile and has checkpoints in alphabetical sequence. Each checkpoint features two to four letters that begin words associated with "civility" - as that is the theme of the corn maze.

The second maze is 1.7 miles and is in the design of a giraffe neck and head. There are six checkpoints and each features a different hole punch to cut out the bottom part of the postcard.

The third maze is 2.6 miles and features checkpoints seven though 15, and they are spread out in the "world" design. It also includes the words "civility" and "a root of happiness" in the maze, which can make it a little tricky.

Ben Herpst, 9, from Prescott, completed the maze with his older sister, Maggie Butler, and her friend Alyse Moelter from Hudson. He said he got a good workout that afternoon.

"It was really fun, but I was getting tired by the end - especially through the 'turn-y' words." Herpst said.

The older girls said it was a chance to spend some quality time together.

"It was nice and peaceful," Moelter said. "Everything is so electronic-based, it's nice to be out in nature and get some exercise."

"We took turns navigating and it was good bonding time with my little brother," Butler commented.

At the end of the maze, participants receive a popcorn ball and can climb the three-story scaffolding to look out over the maze. However, the scaffolding could be one story higher to afford the proper vantage point.

The corn mazes are open from Thursday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday noon to 7 p.m. Other attractions at the farm are a pumpkin slingshot, pumpkin patch (pay by weight), wagon rides ($3/person cash) and the "Town of Tormented Souls" haunted barn. The haunted barn is open Friday and Saturday 7 p.m.-midnight and costs $15/adult (cash only). There is also a kids version for the younger than 12 set on Saturday 2-4 p.m. for $5 - cash only.

For more information or to ask about group discounts during the week, call 715-749-4490.