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Wolf Honey Farm visits with Monday Morning Club

Dale Wolf is a third generation honey producer, learning the art of beekeeping from his father who started beekeeping at the age of 8 by catching a swarm with the help of his Uncle Ben who was a beekeeper. Dale started his own operation in 1970 and is now a master beekeeper and chandler. He produces many products in addition to honey gathered from the fields of St. Croix Valley.

The mission of Wolf's honey farm is to produce a quality, natural and wholesome food, provide education about the health benefits of honey and encourage public awareness to protect the habitat for bees and butterflies.

Wolf Honey Farm honey is gathered from the fields of clover and wild flowers of the St. Croix Valley. They use modern stainless steel equipment in their processing facilities. They remove the honey at the peak of flavor. They offer many products such as liquid honey, whipped or creamed honey, comb honey, extra virgin honey and beeswax propolis salve and more.

Join Wolf at the Monday Morning Club at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College-New Richmond Conference Center, 1019 S. Knowles Ave., on Monday, Nov. 16, at 9 a.m. to listen, learn and taste the best honey in the area. Call New Richmond Community Education at 715-243-7421 for questions or registration information.

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