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No one makes pie like Mom

The New Richmond Area Mom's Group baked 530 pies this winter as part of a fundraiser to benefit local non-profit organizations and fund a $500 scholarship.

The New Richmond Area Mom's Group has been baking and selling pies as a fundraiser since 2004. This year the group sold 530 pies.

In 2011 the group raised roughly $3,000 and plan to offer a $500 scholarship for a student planning to study elementary, secondary education or childhood development post high school. The remaining $2,500 will be donated to other non-profit organizations in the community, said Teri Skramstad, New Richmond Area Mom's Group fundraiser chairwoman.

"We (will) decide as a group in January where the money will be donated," she said. "Some causes on the table are The Centre, the Gap program at the New Richmond schools to fund lunches for children, Messes & Masterpieces, the food shelf and some others."

All members of the Mom's Group were involved in the pie project in one way or another, Skramstad said.

"Whether it was the picking and peeling of the 800 apples for the pies, mixing and rolling of 730 pie crusts or pre-selling and delivering all those pies..." she said. "We had 15 moms in the kitchen during the 12 hours of actual baking, but it took all 32 of us to pull it off."

The actual baking took place at New Richmond High School.

"We had six pies in each of the seven ovens the entire time," she said.

Most of the pie supplies were donated by the moms in the group, Skramstad said.

"We ended up purchasing pie tins, boxes, pecans, some sweetened condensed milk to fill the gap," she said. "The apples were donated by Jill Lindell's tree, 20 dozen of the 35 dozen eggs needed were donated by Anne Anez - both were once members years ago."

As for the selling of the pies, the moms participated in a friendly competition.

"We awarded a massage session for the top pie seller," Skramstad said. "Our top two sellers were within five pies of each other at 75 and 79 pies so we awarded both of them with a massage."

Bridgette Kelly of Massage by Bridgette and Michelle donated the second massage, she said.

Skramstad said the fundraiser would not be possible year after year without the help of New Richmond Community Education.

"Community Education has been very generous in allowing us to use the kitchen at the school the past several years," she said.

As a thank you, the group said they hope to utilize their time and talent in helping set up a community kitchen in the new Community Commons building.


New Richmond Area Mom's Group was founded in 1991 and is an unincorporated not-for-profit social organization with more than 30 members. The New Richmond Area Mom's Group was developed in order to provide a warm and friendly setting for parents and children to experience age appropriate activities, develop new friendships and create a community bond. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday and third Friday every month from 9-11 a.m. at the New Richmond Area Centre. For more information, go to www.newrichmo