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2016 was year of double joy for seven Westfields families

Pictured are (front, from left) Dustin Augustine and Danielle Oelkers with Neave and Nolan Augustine; Kayla Henderson with Owen and Colton Long (dad Travis Long not pictured); Missy and Matt Trautmiller with Brynlee and Brystol; (back, from left) Erica and Jason Monson with Halena and Naomi; Kimberly and Jordan Heltne with Charlie and Camden; Jessie and Jeremiah Anderson with Estelle and Isabel; Kirk and Shanan Nelson with Ella and Greta. (Submitted photo)

New Richmond

A very special gathering took place at Westfields Hospital & Clinic in December.

Seven families who had given birth to twins at the hospital during 2016 were united for a photo to mark a record-breaking year. There were 133 babies delivered at Westfields in 2016, meaning that more than one in every 10 infants born in the hospital was a twin!

"It's the most twins we have delivered in a year during my 25-year career at Westfields," said Jean Meier, women's health manager, highlighting that the total nearly doubles the previous high of four pairs of twins in a year. "It's very exciting. The staff really enjoys observing the interaction between the families and the twins, especially when siblings see the twins for the first time. We love seeing whether they look alike and hearing what names the parents have chosen."

The seven twin deliveries spanned a period of approximately six months during 2016; the infants attending the Westfields Birth Center photo shoot ranged in age from eight months to eight weeks.

Meier said the parents enjoyed meeting one another on the day of the photo, swapping stories and tips. "As far as I know, it was their first time meeting each other," she said. "I think some of them even exchanged contact information."

For all babies born at Westfields in 2016, parents continued to demonstrate the widespread trend of selecting more traditional names. Hazel, Greta, Maci and Arianna were the top girl names at Westfields. For boys, the list includes Henry, Logan, Hunter, and Colton.