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AFD: Credit companies offer "Due Date Free Day"

Credit card debt continues to be on the rise. With foreclosures still prevalent and a record number of people filing bankruptcy, the credit card companies are trying to extend a hand to those in need.

The National Organization of Tyrannical Trust (NOTT), a conglomerate of fifteen of the top credit lending agencies, has declared April 1 to be National Due Day-Free day.

Which means, if your credit card payment falls on that day, you don't have to send in a payment.

"After all, we are people just like you," stated Ima Kiddin, spokesperson for NOTT, via press release. "For too long now people been complaining about the high interest rates. Well, for one day they can forget about sending in money to us."

However, located in the fine print on the release, there is a disclaimer that regular interest rates will still apply.

And, Kiddin said, April Fools.