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Romance novelist estate going up for sale

Historical romance fans may want to pencil the weekend of July 22 on their calendars.

That Friday (9-5 p.m.), Saturday (9-4 p.m.) and Sunday (11-3 p.m.), New York Times bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer's home at 1530 Amundson Lane in Stillwater (on the Oak Glen Golf Course) will hold a moving sale.

Peggy Grubbs and Associates, of Somerset, is handling the sale of the 8,500-square-foot house and its furnishings. Spencer and her husband, Dan, have built a new home in the area with a more open floor plan.

Spencer has made a career of writing historical romance novels from 1979 to her retirement in 1997. During that time, she wrote 24 novels - several of which were made into movies. She has earned a spot on the New York Times bestseller list 12 times, and been inducted into the Romance Writers of America in 1988.

Working with a nationally known author has made it easier on Peggy Grubbs, owner of the company handling the sale.

"I must say that LaVyrle is the most organized client I have every worked with," said Grubbs. "All items to be sold were specifically marked to make sure that there was no confusion for the movers. I commented on this to LaVyrle and she said that being a writer and having to be super organized came with the job. There were notes everywhere ... there was no possibility of confusion."

However, although the Spencers will not be at the sale in person, Grubbs said there were some challenges with staging the sale of such a well-known author.

"The first is working with the City of Stillwater to make sure that the road in front of the house is ready for the crowd I expect," said Grubbs. "They began tearing it up last Monday and were grading it yesterday.

"The other has to do with advertising, making sure I have all the bases covered to get people to come to the sale," she continued. "I will be spending all day Thursday before the sale posting individual items and photos on Craigslist to make sure that I get the buyers needed for specific items."

Among the many items for sale will be three queen bedroom sets, living room furniture, decorative items and, of course, LaVyrle Spencer books and memorabilia.

Grubbs said members of the LaVyrle Spencer fanbase will be attending.

"I received a birthday card in April from an old employee of mine, now 80, who said she was coming to the sale - even if she had to walk - just to say that she had been in LaVyrle Spencer's house," recalled Grubbs.

For more information about the LaVyrle Spencer sale, contact Peggy Grubbs and Associates LLC at 651-303-8789.