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Pea Soup Days Medallion Hunt kicks off

Pea Soup Days 2014

Pea Soup Days is less than a month away (June 5-8) and momentum is building for the celebration with the debut of the Medallion Hunt.

Medallion hunt clues will be published on, weekly in <I>The News<I>, on Facebook at, and on Twitter at Clues will also be posted at Econofoods, RCU and First National Community Bank in Somerset.

The first clue came out May 12 at 9 a.m. Additional clues will be posted May 15, 19, 22, 26, 29, June 2 and 5 (as needed).

The medallion will be hidden on public land within the village limits. It will not be hidden on the Somerset School District campus, any body of water, at any construction site or roadway.

To qualify for the $250 cash prize, you must purchase an official 2014 Pea Soup Days button and wear it in plain view while redeeming the medallion for the prize. Buttons can be bought at Dave Bracht Realty, OSI, Treadmill, the fire department, RCU, First National Community Bank, Holiday and Super America.

If you find the medallion, promptly return it to the Pea Soup Days Committee Chairperson Dave Bracht at 705 Rivard St. One prize will go to one winner. If you choose to share the winnings, that is up to you.

If the medallion is not found by 8 a.m., June 7, the Pea Soup Days Committee reserves the right to end the hunt and donate the money to the 2015 Pea Soup Days fund. It also reserves the right to discontinue the hunt if public property is destroyed or negligent or endangering behavior on the part of the seekers is exhibited.

Employees and immediate family members of the Pea Soup Days Committee aren’t eligible to participate.

For a complete list of official rules, visit

Clue #1 (May 12)

Bonjour mes amis,

Your undivided attention, if you please!

Pea Soup Days starts on the Fifth of June,

And to search for the medallion, you should begin soon.

No shovels, ladders, or bikinis are needed;

No great heights or depth have been exceeded.

Another request, before you commence;

Please do not attempt to climb any fence.

And if you would like to be $250 richer,

Don’t waste your time standing by the pitcher.

Clue #2 (May 15)

Would you like the next clue?

Say “Oui, oui” if you do!

(Just a little bit louder now, we cannot hear you!)

Ah yes, that’s much better, so we’ll continue our letter.

To find the place where you should look,

There is no need to check out a book.

Nor will you need a stamp or a teller.

In fact, you don’t even need to be a good speller.

Now run along and give it your best shot

And see if you can find our clever hiding spot.

To win the reward, you would surely be blessed,

But you probably shouldn’t wear your Sunday best.

Submitted by the Pea Soup Days Committee

Sarah Nigbor

Sarah J. Nigbor serves as a regional editor for RiverTown Multimedia, a position she began in April 2017. She joined RiverTown Multimedia in October 2013 as a news reporter for the New Richmond News, before being appointed editor of the Pierce County Herald in Febraury 2015. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Spanish and French in 2001. She completed a minor in journalism in 2004. 

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