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Robinson finds Pea Soup Days medallion

Pea Soup Days medallion hunt winner Ashley Robinson, of New Richmond, is pictured returning the hidden medallion to Pea Soup Days Committee member David Bracht. Robinson will be awarded her $250 prize on June 10 prior to the bands starting. Photo courtesy of the Pea Soup Days Committee

New Richmond's Ashley Robinson was able to locate the Pea Soup Days medallion Wednesday, May 31, prior to that week's clue being released. The medallion was hidden behind a shutter in the old town hall in the Village of Somerset.

Robinson told Pea Soup Days committee member David Bracht that she had been watching the clues every week and decided to look around the old town hall.

Robinson will be awarded $250 from the Somerset Lions Club on June 10 prior to the bands starting up under the tent.