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Trinity Lutheran Church makes donation to SCC HS

Members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Hammond ecently presented a check to St. Croix Central High School to help provide activities and programming in suicide awareness and prevention. Photo courtesy of Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church completed its 2017 fundraising drive in support of St. Croix Central High School and its efforts to provide activities and programs regarding suicide awareness and prevention.

For the past three years, Trinity has determined that one of the needs in the SCC community is to financially help the school provide activities and programs that provide insight and knowledge of suicide and its extreme effect on all people.

Highlights of this year's fundraiser included a successful breakfast prepared by the staff of Dad's Belgian Waffles, St. Cloud, Minn., and served by 50-plus volunteers from both Trinity and the high school on March 12. This event was followed by a silent auction (organized and managed at the church by Kristen Bibeau), chances on handmade fleece blankets, car magnets/stickers, and personal monetary donations.

A check — totaling $5,589.95 — from all 2017 events was presented to the school by the organizing team of Scott Post, Betty Johnson and Sue Frank. According to the district administration and guidance staff, the monies raised will assist the staff in providing the support needed for students attending St. Croix Central, in continuing the efforts in this worthwhile cause.

Activities that have been implemented and are supported by the funds raised include: hiring related speakers; Pit Crew, a group of students who feel strongly about helping their fellow students, who support and plan activities for the student body; purchasing programs/curriculum related to suicide awareness and prevention; and having additional staff time allotted to work with groups of students and individual students.

Thank you to all members of Hammond, Roberts, and neighboring communities who generously supported these efforts at Trinity.