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Pontoon event caters to local seniors

Seventy-two seniors participated in the annual pontoon ride on Cedar Lake on June 8. The ride is sponsored the by Star Prairie Fish and Game Association.

Around 72 seniors took part in the Seniors' Pontoon Ride on Cedar Lake, June 8, an annual event sponsored by the Star Prairie Fish and Game Association.

The event, which started at 1 p.m., included not only a ride on a pontoon boat but also a BBQ of brats and rainbow trout from the Star Prairie Trout Farm.

The SPFGA provided all the food and locals who live both on and near Cedar Lake offered to take groups of seven to nine seniors on an hour long ride around the 1,000 acre lake.

Ten pontoon boats were needed in order to accommodate the 72 seniors that signed up, said Secretary of SPFGA Mike Keller.

Johnson's Motors donated two vans to shuttle the seniors from Star Prairie's River Island Park to Cedar Lake, said SPFGA board member Dick Hoppe.

Keller said that the association gives residents from The Deerfield and the St. Croix Health Center the opportunity to sign up first but if there are still openings New Richmond Community Education will try and fill the spots.

Although SPFGA is a volunteer organization that is rooted in conserving and improving habitat for fish and wildlife, it is also involved in the community, Keller said.

"The Seniors' Pontoon Ride is our opportunity to give something back to the community, especially to a group who may not be able to do it on their own."