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Wish you were here! Postcard series includes historic, current New Richmond

Rachél Starbuck holds up the six historic scenes included in the new postcard series developed by the Heritage Center.

The New Richmond Heritage Center has released a new series of community postcards.

It's been many years since the city has been promoted through postcards, so officials with the Heritage Center thought it was time to try it again.

The idea for the new series was planted by new director's assistant Rachél Starbuck, who talked with Director Irv Sather several months ago about the possible project.

The two of them looked through the Heritage Center's photograph collection and selected six historic photos and six more current photos to represent the community.

"We put the project together this past winter," Starbuck said.

Each postcard includes a description on the back giving details about what is printed on the front.

The historic postcards include an old residential street scene, main street before the cyclone, Doughboy Mills and the city's old water tower. The historic scenes are printed in a cepia-reproduction color with a special border.

The more current scenes include a winter scene of the Heritage Center, a shot of the recent Civil War re-enactment, the city library building, Mary Park and a Johnny Blood postcard.

"It took us weeks to go through all the photos," Starbuck said. "With each selection, we were trying to create a story. They all work well together."

The postcards, which sell for 50 cents each, are only available at the Heritage Center. They've sold well since first becoming available.

"They're a great little souvenir piece," Starbuck said. "We've had very positive feedback on them so far."

In fact, some people have used the postcards in unusual ways. Not only have they ended up in scrapbook projects, they have also been sent out as invitations to various functions, Starbuck noted.

If all goes well, the Heritage Center plans to issue new postcard series in the future.

"There are so many photos available," she said. "I don't think we can ever exhaust the supply."