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LETTER: Harsdorf on the front lines

To the Editor:

As long as I have been around, I have heard from politicians about health care reform. We need less talk and more action.

Sheila Harsdorf is working on the frontlines to help get us affordable health care in western Wisconsin. While partisans are calling for a government takeover and other schemes, Sheila has stepped in to take action. First, she passed the bill to enable health care cooperatives to form in Wisconsin. Then, she helped organize job providers in our region to start their own cooperative. Today, they are forming Cooperative Health Choices of Western Wisconsin. It is real success that you can learn more about online at Farmers have already saved thousands from a cooperative they helped create.

So, while the talk will continue, and the back-and-forth political charges will fly, I ask voters to remember that if we want action, we should support Sheila Harsdorf on Nov. 4.

Jake Bostrom